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Using Vyne to pay your campus accommodation deposit 

Find out more about how to pay your accommodation deposit through your existing banking app

When you pay your campus accommodation deposit, you’ll now have the option to use Vyne, which means that you’ll be able make a payment just by using your banking app. 

Vyne uses account to account payments, which gives you the ability to pay directly from your mobile banking app through open banking technology. This means that you don’t have to enter your card details and the transaction is completed through your own banking app, saving you time.  

Open banking technology is as safe as traditional digital banking where you send money from your smartphone. When you use Vyne, you will still need to authenticate the payment through your banking app, using your fingerprint or whatever security measure you have set up. 

You can use Vyne if you have a UK bank account or a Revolut account. 

To use Vyne to pay for your campus accommodation deposit, select ‘pay with bank’ and follow the prompts to completion.