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When you have found a placement

This article contains five steps to take once you have found a placement

The following steps are necessary, in order for your placement to be approved. For full information on placements, please visit our Careers and Employment website.

1) Email 

To let us know about your placement by the deadline for your course. You should include your job description, offer letter and/or contract.

2) We will email you with your next steps

These include uploading details of your placement to our Handshake Experiences website. Once we have this information, we can commence the approval process.

3) We will conduct a risk assessment for your placement

We may call you to conduct a risk assessment if we feel your placement involves medium to high risks. You will receive email confirmation of your risk assessment.

4) We will ask you to sign a placement agreement letter 

This letter is signed by the University, your employer and you as the student. 

5) Await confirmation 

We will confirm that your placement has been approved and give further instructions.

Please note that if you have outstanding fees with the University/a sanction for non-payment of fees, your placement may be unable to continue.  It is recommended that you make all the necessary fee payment arrangements in advance of your placement approval to avoid the delays related to this and the possibility that you may not be able to undertake your placement.

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