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Where Can I Study Abroad?

Which partner universities and countries can you go to on your study abroad exchange?

The University of Hertfordshire has a wide range of partner institutions that can be chosen from, these include:

  • Mainland Europe

The University’s long involvement with the EU Erasmus+ programme enables us to offer a variety of different opportunities for you to live, work and study in Europe. You can choose to spend three months, a semester or a full academic year at one of our partner universities. 

You will be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant in Europe in 2021-22 to help with travel and living costs. An Erasmus+ grant is open to all, whatever your nationality and is available for study and work placements. However, it is uncertain whether funding under the Erasmus+ programme will be available in 2023-24 and beyond as it is subject to the outcome of the UK EU exit negotiations.

  • North America
  • Australia
  • South America
  • Canada
  • Latin America
  • Singapore
  • Africa
  • India
  • East Asia
  • South-East Asia
  • Russia

The University has in excess of 60 active partnerships with universities across North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. You will normally study for a whole year at one of our partners.

For the most up-to-date lists of partners, please have a look at our Erasmus Partners and Outside of Europe Partners that can be found on our StudyNet Page.

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