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Working over 15 hours outside of term time

Contact information to request authorisation to work over 15 hours outside of term time

Students at the University are limited to working 15 hours per week, however outside of term time you may be able to work over this, with prior authorisation from the Ask Herts Hubs.

Note: International students may be restricted in working over 15 hours, for more information please contact Student Immigration Team (Compliance).

To request approval to work over 15 hours, please provide the below information to your School Admin Hub:

  • Your student number
  • Your name
  • Your course
  • This request is made for eligibility to work outside of UPRs HR 15/15a Employment of Students. Please could you complete a ‘Student approval for increased working hours’ form and email this directly to The HR Hourly Paid Team on

You must not work over 15 hours until the Recruitment Hourly Paid team have confirmed to you in writing that you are eligible to do so.

If you're not sure which Ask Herts Hub you need to contact, please see the below list:

Ask Herts Hub Schools covered

Ask Herts (de Havilland)

  • Hertfordshire Business School
  • Hertfordshire Law School
  • School of Education
  • School of Humanities
  • Sports Sciences
  • ITE Compliance Team    

Ask Herts (Hutton Hub)

  • School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science
  • School of Creative Arts
  • Study Abroad
  • UH Online

Ask Herts (Innovation Centre)

  • School of Health and Social Work
  • School of Life and Medical Sciences
  • Health Admissions
  • UH Short Courses
  • Health Placements 

Contact Us

Ask Hutton

Student Information Service (SIS)

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Ask Innovation

Student Information Service (SIS)

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Please be aware that we are unable to print ID cards in this Office. Please visit Ask De Havilland or Ask Hutton during the opening hours.

Ask de Havilland

Student Information Service (SIS)

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