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Fire and Emergency Action on Campus

What to do in a fire or emergency situation on campus.

University Emergency Number

5555 or 01707 285555

When a call is received the appropriate University personnel will be contacted and, if required, the emergency services.

If, for any reason, the emergency services have been contacted directly, it is essential that the University emergency number is also contacted. This will ensure that the University emergency response is triggered and assistance given to direct the emergency services to the correct location.

In the event of an ongoing emergency, information will be posted on and on the Herts Mobile app.

Emergency Action Notice


On discovering a fire:

  • Sound the alarm. Call points are situated on exit routes from buildings.

On hearing an alarm:

Leave the building immediately by the nearest escape route, closing all doors behind you. Report to your nearest assembly point.

  • Do not take any risks.
  • Do not return to the building until authorised to do so.
  • Do not use lifts.

If you will need additional support or assistance to evacuate a building, please discuss this with your tutor or Student Wellbeing in advance.

To Learn More - watch our video: University Emergency Information - Overview


Living on Campus? Please see our accommodation fire safety information Here.


Accident or Emergency

In the event of illness or personal injury:

  1. Call for the nearest First Aider or call Security on 5555 or 01707 285555.
  2. Give brief details of the problem, your location and a telephone number.
  3. Complete an accident/ incident report form at

Do not move a casualty unless absolutely necessary.


Other Emergencies

Persons trapped in lifts:

Call Security on 5555 or 01707 285555

Gas leaks & other estates related emergencies:

During the working day contact the Estates Help Desk ( ext. 3019 or 01707 286019 

Outside normal working hours or if there is no response then contact security ext. 5555 or 01707 285555


Crisis and Out-of-Hours Support

Support pathways (if out of hours, or in crisis) when a mental health issue arises:

On Campus - University Emergency Number ext. 5555 or 01707 285555 (Security will aim to get appropriate support).

Out of Hours Support (Monday - Friday 17:00 (PM) to 08:30 (AM) and Weekends) - Contact the UH Student Assistance Programme:  0800 028 3766.

In Crisis - Contact NHS 111 (Call 111) or visit

Self-Referral Support (Hertfordshire Residents) - NHS self-referral for Hertfordshire residents - Contact 0800 644 4101.

NOTE: Individuals can contact their local GP surgery who may have localised emergency information.


Useful Contacts

Security Non-Emergency Number: 1010 or 01707 281010

Dean of Students Office: 4451 or01707 284451

Student Wellbeing Office: 4453 or 01707 284453

Estates Helpdesk: 3019 or 01707 286019

OVC, Occupational Health and Safety Team: 4445 or 01707 284445

Contact Us



Today - Open 24 Hours
Security Control Room, College Lane and de Havilland


Today - Open 24 Hours
Security Control Room, College Lane and de Havilland

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