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Animal Therapy - Spend some time with a therapy dog

Spending time with an animal can improve mood!

At the University we have the benefit of visiting therapy dogs. 

Spending time with a dog can release those feel good hormones, dopamine and serotonin and can help you to feel less anxious or stressed. It can lower your blood pressure and hear rate - and the dogs love a fuss so it is good for them too!

Animal therapy is not the same as talking therapies, which are also offered at the University, but it can improve mood, relieve stress, aid relaxation and help you connect emotionally. 

If you see the therapy dogs around campus, they have their own ID badges, and do not wear coats or harnesses like Assistance dogs. If you see  the therapy dogs on campus, please do come over and have a chat, once you know it is a therapy dog you will be able to have a fuss, play, share a treat and have a chat with the owner!

Around exam and assessment times we will aim to add bookable sessions and you will be able to find information about that on our  instagram UH_Wellbeing