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Digital Skills

Digital skills and capabilities are essential to remain flexible and adaptable to thrive in our studies, life and work.

Your Digital Skills Development Journey

At Herts we are committed to supporting every student to demonstrate the graduate attribute digitally capable and confident. Find out about the opportunities to develop your digital skills at every stage of your studies in the Your Digital Skills Development Journey video.

You can view our handy infographic here: Your Digital Skills Development Journey 

Get started

The Get started with Herts Digital Checklist is to enable all students to get to grips with the everyday digital tools you need at Herts.
Every student should use this within the first four weeks of starting their studies at Herts.

Assess your skills

Use the Jisc Digital Discovery tool to assess your digital skills and plan your development guided by the six areas of digital capability. Completion of the tool 1-2 times a year is recommended. Your discovery tool personalised report enables you to track your progress and demonstrate evidence of engagement with learning and development.  (Use Chrome or Firefox to access the tool)
The Herts Digital Learner Profile provides a framework to support you to understand your strengths and priorities for development. The profile also introduces you to ideas and techniques to develop the right approach and mindset to learning new digital skills well beyond your time at university.

Developing your skills

A suite of self-guided resources is available in the Digital Skills unit of the Library SkillUP module.

You can use these at any time to guide your use of key digital tools at Herts, like Canvas and StudyNet, and support your completion of learning activities and assessments.

Student Technology Mentors

Student Technology Mentors are in the LRC Study Success Hubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 14:00 -17:00. The service will not be available during Easter vacation 25th March-5th April. It will recommence on Tuesday 9th April.

Drop -in to discuss your Get started with Herts digital checklist, Jisc digital discovery tool report, or for any assistance with digital tools to complete your course.

Digital Wednesdays

Digital Wednesdays is a programme of workshops to support development of a range of digital skills guided by the Jisc six elements of digital capability framework.   Details of sessions are on the Digital Wednesdays page on Library SkillUP.

Digital Skills Week

Herts Digital Skills Week will take place from 18th - 22nd March 2024. More details are on the Digital Skills Week website.

Need help?

Contact the Digital Capabilities team at with any questions or feedback.


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