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Exceptional Circumstances

Find out what to do if you are worried that circumstances outside of your control might impact on your ability to perform in assessments and submissions by the given deadline.

 If circumstances outside your control occur, you may wish to make the University aware of your situation by submitting an exceptional circumstances request. It is advisable to get in touch at your earliest convenience to seek support.  

Please contact academic support (module leader/personal tutor) to discuss your circumstances and decide if an exceptional circumstances request is needed or whether a coursework extension is a feasible alternative.

An exceptional circumstances request, if approved, delays submission until the next assessment period and is likely to require you to submit a different piece of work from the one you are working on.

To apply for an exceptional circumstances request: 

  1.  Log into your  Student Record  and apply using Submit Request, then 

        2. Email your supporting evidence at the same time as your request to           

Exceptional circumstances requests must be submitted no more than fifteen (15) working days after the assessment submission date and at least five (5) working days before the Board of Examiners. 

NOTE - You can only submit an exceptional circumstances request if you have not already submitted your assessment or sat your exam. If you have submitted/sat your assessment, please see the guidance here. 

For frequently asked questions please see here.