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Extra time and support for exams

If you have a disability or difficulty you may be entitled to adjustments in exams and assessments.

Your adjustments

The University are able to provide adjustments such as extra time, a quiet room, use of a computer to support you during your exams.  

Student Wellbeing will need to meet with you to fully discuss your needs and agree the adjustments you are entitled to. Once agreed we will produce a Study Needs Agreement (SNA).

Any adjustments must be agreed approximately 4 weeks before the start of the exams and the cut off dates are advertised on StudyNet.

More information can be found here for Study Needs Agreements (SNAs).

Setting up a Study Needs Agreement

You will need to contact the Student Wellbeing.

You must have evidence which meets the criteria at the University if you want adjustments in your exams. You must make an appointment  to discuss this.

Changing your Study Needs Agreement

You should contact your Disability or Mental Health Adviser to amend your Study Needs Agreement.

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Student Wellbeing

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Student Wellbeing is closed at weekends and during holiday periods.
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