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Family or friends visiting the UK

Find out what you need to do to support your friends or relatives visa applications if they wish to visit you in the UK

During your studies

If you wish to invite someone to come and visit you in the UK we cannot provide that person with a specific letter of invitation, that is your responsibility. However we can provide advice on what you can do to assist your visitor to obtain the visa they need.

There is nothing in the Immigration Rules which says that a letter from the institution where you are studying confirming that you have invited your visitor is needed. The University of Hertfordshire has no relationship with the person you are inviting to visit you. Your visitor cannot be refused entry clearance on the basis that a letter from the institution confirming your invitation of your visitor has not been provided.

How can I help my visitor to get a visa?

Tell your visitor(s) to contact their nearest British Embassy or High Commission for a checklist of documentation needed and to find out how long the application process takes.

Although the Immigration Rules do not explain what documentation you can provide which will help your visitor(s) in their application(s) the following may assist with their application(s):

1. Evidence of enrolment at the University of Hertfordshire. This letter confirms the reason why you are in the UK. You can request this Student Status Letter from one of the Hubs. Remember that letters take 5 working days to produce. The letter should not be dated more one month before the time your visitor applies.

2. A copy of your current visa/BRP card and photo page of your passport.
3. A letter from you explaining your relationship to the person(s) you are inviting and the details of their trip (see sample invitation letter). If there is a particular reason why you are inviting the person(s) to visit you in the UK, this should be included in the letter. 
4. Your visitor (s) should be able to provide confirmation of sufficient funds to cover the duration of their trip
5. Your visitor (s) is advised to take out travel and medical insurance unless they are coming from a country which has a health care arrangement with the UK. 

For more information, see the Home Office website.

Graduation Ceremonies

If a Visa is required for you or your guests to enter the UK for a Graduation Ceremony, you can request a letter during your registration for the Graduation Ceremony to support the visa application. 

Please note that beyond providing you with a visa support letter, the Exams and Awards team cannot advise on Visa applications.

Find out more about a visa support letter for Graduation here

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