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Student Letters

Information about how to request a letter to prove you are a student

** Letters cannot be requested until you are fully registered as a student- this means you have completed both stage 1 and stage 2 registration processes and the University has registered you and your status reads as "Registered" on your student record home pages. If fully registered, you can obtain a student status letter up to 40 days prior to the start date of your course ** 

**If you have just completed your registration, please wait at least 24 hours before requesting your letter**

Why you might need this letter
  • To prove to third parties that you are a student, including army exemption
  • To open a bank account*
  • To apply for a National Insurance Number
  • To apply for a travel visa
  • To show to an Immigration Officer when you re-enter the UK after travel abroad (please note that this is not a legal requirement)
  • To enable your relatives or friends to visit you in the UK (including to support you or your guests visa application when attending a University of Hertfordshire Awards Ceremony)

*It isn't always a requirement to have a student status letter to open a bank account, most students can open an account with their UCAS letter and UCAS ID number. 

If you are an international student you may require a letter from the University but should check with the bank/building society first. 


Further information can be viewed on the UCAS Opening a UK bank account video. 

UKCISA offers some information on the types of account that are available to International Students using traditional high street banks, but you may also want to consider an online bank as an alternative. 


Council Tax Exemption Certificate

Some students are exempt from paying council tax - find out if you are eligible for exemption and how to apply.

How to request your letter

UH Students

  1. Ensure your details (including your addresses) are correct on your student record.  (The letter will replicate this information
  2. Click on this link
  3. You will be prompted to log in to your UH student account and authenticate (MFA)
  4. Click submit
  5. Your letter will be sent to your personal email address (the email address on your student record)
  6. Check your junk folder, just in case it has arrived there.
  7. Not received your letter?  The main cause of this is because your student status hasn't fully updated to "registered" as yet. You can normally get your letter 24 hours after fully completing stage 2 registration. But please be patient as systems update periodically.  You'll only be able to obtain a letter once you are fully registered as a new or returning student and will not be able to access a letter in the period between academic years, including summer vacation times.  

Research Students (registered on PhD programmes)

If you are a research student, please request your student status letter by e-mailing the Doctoral College: 

HIC Students

Unfortunately, we are unable to support students that study at Hertfordshire International College (HIC); please visit the HIC Office on the College Lane Campus, or contact the team via telephone 01707 285590 or email

Students registered with any other associated institutions (e.g. colleges, Pen Green, overseas institutions)

Please contact your institution directly to request confirmation of your study

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*** We are currently unable to print ID cards at the Innovation Hub. Please proceed to Hutton Hub Ask Herts with your query. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.***