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Filming on campus

Looking to use the University as a location for your filming project?

If you are planning to carry out filming or photography as part of your studies, please speak to your tutor in the first instance.

Filming or photographing is not permitted in the Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) unless carried out within a group study room.
This is to minimise disruption to other LRC users, to protect privacy, and in order to comply with copyright legislation.
Find out more: Group Study rooms 

Filming and photography location options:

1. External (open-air) spaces: Do not require booking, but you will still need to complete a risk assessment and method statement.  You must inform Estates.
2. Creative Arts School space (any space that is locally managed and risk assessed by Creative Arts): Book internally with your Creative Arts tutor.

To request the following you will need to complete a request form:
3.  Request a recommended space
4. Request other indoor space, not on the approved list 

Form: Request to book a space for filming or photography

Check your device downloads folder for the form

  • Student: Please complete this form and forward it to your subject tutor.
  • Subject tutor: Please check the details and forward the completed form to
  • Please be considerate of others when using spaces such as staff meeting rooms, single study spaces and narrow corridors for filming or photography.
  • Please do not access your requested space until your requested time and only after receiving confirmation from Estates / Timetabling Team.
  • Terms and conditions apply

The following spaces are recommended and meet general requirements for filming:

College Lane:

  • Lecture theatres
  • Lindop Foyer
  • Oval
  • Forum
  • Creative Arts Gallery

de Havilland:

  • Lecture theatres
  • Atrium
  • Law Court Building
  • The Street
  • Refectory/Restaurant

You may request an alternative space, but this is not guaranteed and may take longer to process.  Please allow a minimum of 5 working days’ notice to process your request prior to filming.

  • Your tutor must verify that the alternative space can meet with requirements for filming.  This must be done following an approved risk assessment by the tutor or with the support of the local Safety Lead. 
  • For further support with this please email

Terms and conditions for filming and photography activities

  • You must have permission from your course tutor.
  • The activity risk assessment should consider the health and safety impact on day-to-day activities within the filming location e.g. obstructions, trip hazards, overcrowding or affecting emergency procedures i.e. fire detection or emergency escape. General infection control and mitigating measures such as hand hygiene and ventilation are also important considerations.
  • Please refer to the latest BFC guidance: Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production guidance for additional guidance.
  • All relevant risk assessments must be signed off prior to filming.
  • When filming in a shared space you must be aware of other people and activities in and around the space you are using. You must be prepared to prioritise the safety and free flow of other users and this should be included in your risk assessment.
  • You must continue to comply with current University guidance regarding social distancing and face coverings.
  • You must notify Security once permission has been gained (this is to ensure that Security staff do not stop you from filming). Tel: 01707 281010 - internal extension 1010
  • You must have the permission of any individual whom you film who is not directly involved in the filming (i.e. not your actors, but security staff, other staff or students, etc)
  • You must not film in any restricted area (for example some labs, exams office, etc). 
  • You must not show (without permission from the University Marketing Team) the University logo or any identification that may link the University to the filming (e.g. main entrance sign, parking signs, building names, etc)
  • The use of certain props is prohibited, e.g. fake weapons and pyrotechnics. Please contact Estates for a full list

The above list is not exhaustive but is a minimum guide of what is expected.
Your tutor or the  Estates, Security, and Health& Safety departments may ask you to abide by additional conditions according to local and national guidance and health and safety requirements.

Other useful resources to help you to work safely:

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