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Book a Group Study Room

There are a range of study spaces on campus. This page provides updated information about group study room availability.

There are a range of group study spaces on campus designed to help you study.   From group study areas, booths and rooms in the Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) to more informal learning spaces in the Chapman Lounge and Enterprise Hub there is a space for how you want to work.

Group Study rooms in the LRCs

Book a Learning Resources Centre (LRC) Group Study Room or booth online at   Many of our Group Study Rooms are now kitted out with new PCs with integrated webcams and mics  for participating in live teaching sessions, watching a pre-recorded class or learning online.  You can also bring your own device or borrow one of our Chromebook loans which come with a built in webcam and mic.

You can personally book up to 5 hours per week and book up to 10 days in advance. 

Rooms cannot be booked at Information & Help Point terminals. 

You must check that the booking is confirmed by clicking on My Bookings. A booking will show as unconfirmed for the following reasons: 

  • You have booked more than 5 hours in one week 
  • Rooms are unavailable
  • A room is available for only part of the requested time.  

Find out more about the Learning Resources Centres. 

Need to adjust the lighting in the room?

Room lighting can be adjusted to suit your needs.  To adjust the lights:

  • Install the Phillips MC control app on your device
  • Allow access to “Camera” and enable “Location services” on your device
  • Scan the QR code on the Lighting controls sign in the room
  • Enter a room number for future use
  • You are now able to control the room lighting via the app.  Use the red button to switch the lighting on and off and by moving the sliders, the brightness and the white tone can be adjusted.  Preconfigured light scenes can be chosen.

Please note to actively control the lights, the smartphone or tablet which has the Philips MC control app, must be in range of the room.

Minimum device requirements:

  • Android 6 or newer
  • iOS 11 or newer
  • BlueTooth 4.2 or newer

Group study room etiquette 

Please note that Group Study Rooms are for Student bookings only.   Priority will always be given to students who have prebooked the room.  If you have not booked and the room is already occupied you will need to find another space to work in.

  • Please take all your belongings with you at the end of your session, remove any rubbish and leave the room tidy for the next users.
  • If you need to keep a record of whiteboard activity, please take a photograph, as this will not be available to you once your booking is completed and the whiteboard will be wiped clean.
  • In the rare case that a room appears to be double-booked please contact the Helpdesk.
  • Please vacate the room promptly at the end of your booking if other users are waiting.
  • Security staff are available in the LRCs 24/7 if you require any assistance accessing the room for your booking.

For health, safety, and security reasons users must not lock (or block access to) group study rooms or meeting rooms from the inside.  

Alternative study spaces

Non-bookable single and group study spaces are available in both of our Learning Resources Centres

More informal spaces for group and individual study are available across campus including:

  • The Chapman Lounge on College Lane campus.  Find this near Main Reception and Cafe Rore. It has a range of seating options and is a popular meeting place for staff as well as students.
  • The Oval on College Lane campus is located next to the pond and the sports courts near the CL LRC.  This is a very relaxed and comfortable space, where you will also find the College Lane Accommodation team and the Oval Gym.  
  • The Atrium Mezzanine at de Havilland campus, has a mixture of spaces and is perfect for stopping off in between lectures
  • The Enterprise Hub at de Havilland is more lively and is a great place to study, chat and grab a coffee.

For setting up a virtual group study using Zoom or Teams please see our information on 'tools for online chat and meetings'.  

Room booking and venue hire information for UH Staff is available on HertsHub

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