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Learning Resources Centres (LRC)

Services and facilities


Welcome to new students starting their courses this semester and welcome back to all our returning students!   From individual and quiet study to group study spaces and rooms,  we have two large and airy LRCs, one at de Havilland Campus and one at College Lane Campus that are open 24/7 to help you succeed in your studies.  

  • Take a self-guided tour using our online guides 
  • Have fun searching for clues and unlocking your way through the LRC with our virtual escape room - if you complete it by 31 January 2023 you can enter into a prize draw for a chance to win one of five £20 Love2shop vouchers!
  • Visit our welcome desk to help you with using the LRCs and accessing digital here at Herts.  
  • Pop by our Study Success Hub in the LRCs and speak to a member of the Library team at our drop-ins running  in both LRCs:
    • Library Skills support -  Tuesday – Thursday 13:00 – 15:00 
    • Digital skills support - Monday - Thursday 14:00 - 17:00

College Lane LRC virtual tour

De Havilland LRC virtual tour

Here’s what you need to know about visiting the LRCs:

Services and facilities available in our LRCs
Planning a visit
Access the LRC using your UH ID card
Studying in the LRC
Accessing online teaching sessions and tutorials in the LRCs

Access to resources
Computers and laptops
Silent study
How to get help
Disability support in the LRCs
Eating and drinking in the LRCs
Security and safety
Accidents, incidents, emergencies
Children and young people in the LRCs

What's available in our LRCs

Space to study - choose the right space for you

  • 24/7 LRC access for staff and students
  • Bookable group study rooms
  • A range of study spaces, including quiet study areas, and spaces for group work and individual study 
  • Single study booths (not bookable)

A range of technology to support your studies

Help and support

  • LRC Welcome desk on the ground floor of both LRCs for face to face support.
  • LRC Information Points are available on all floors of the LRCs to look up books or find answers to common questions on AskHerts
  • Study Success Hubs for face to face study skills support.   For more information, to request a 1:1 Ask a Librarian appointment and to continue to access all our online study skills resources and support go to the Study Success Hub module on Library SkillUP. 
  • Helpdesk support available 24/7, with face-to-face appointments available.  Service updates available on
  • Security staff are available in each LRC to deal with emergencies and first aid.

Books and more

Other facilities

Planning a visit? 

The LRCs are open 24/7 for current Herts students, staff, and holders of UH ID cards under the SCONUL Access Scheme.  

  • Check the University website: for the latest LRC opening hours before you travel.
  • Don’t forget to bring your University of Hertfordshire ID card with you as you’ll need it to swipe in and out of the LRCs, borrow books and Chromebooks, and use the printers. 
  • Please note that informal study spaces are also available across campus including the Chapman Lounge and Oval on College Lane and the Atrium Mezzanine and Enterprise Hub at de Havilland.

Visiting the LRCs with children and young people under the age of 18

  • Please note that unsupervised children and young people will not be admitted to our LRCs at any time. 
  • Any students and staff wishing to visit the LRCs with children or young people will be time limited to approx 30mins
  • Under-18s must be supervised at all times. 

If you are unable to come to campus and visit the LRC we have lots of support to help you stay connected to your studies.  Find out more on our Library and computing response to Covid19 page

Walk-in visitors

  • The LRCs are currently open to walk-in visitors aged 18 and over.  Find out more on our website 
  • If you wish to arrange a group visit please contact our Helpdesk

Access the LRC using your UH ID card

Using your UH ID card to swipe in and out of the LRC security gates 

  1. Hold your ID card on top of the gate reader and wait for the light to turn from blue to green before removing your card. 
  2. Tap your card once only and go through the gate straight away.
  3. You must not share your ID card, copy it, or attempt to pass it back to someone behind you as you enter or leave the LRC. 
  4. You must keep your ID card on you at all times.

More information on ID cards is available on AskHerts:

You can also access the LRCs with your Digital ID card

  • Download the Herts Mobile app to your phone.
  • You need to be fully registered for your virtual ID to be active.
  • You should see a version of your ID card with a QR code on it - you may need to update the app if you don't see this yet.
  • You must not share or attempt to copy the QR code in order to give someone else access to the LRC using your ID


  • Use either your physical or digital ID card (on the Herts Mobile app), but don't use both on the same visit (your ID card will be 'confused' by your location and may not work correctly at the security gate the next time you try to use it). 
  • Make sure you enter and exit on your ID card. If you follow someone else into or out of the building without using your card it may prevent it from working correctly next time.
  • If using your digital ID card the electronic reader is at the front of the gate, not the top.
  • Remove your card from the holder if necessary. If you are using a metal cardholder, or present your entire wallet/purse the gate won't be able to read your card.
  • Incorrect use of your card may result in your access being temporarily blocked.  
  • If you need assistance using your ID card at the LRC gates, please speak to one of the LRC Security guards. 
  • Faulty cards will need to be reported to one of the Ask Hubs on campus

Accessing the Learning Resources Centres without an ID card

The quickest and easiest way to access the LRCs is with your student or staff ID card.

Not got your ID card yet? If you are a new student with a purple wristband you can access the LRC using this for the first few weeks of term, but you should start using your ID card as soon as you have it.

If you forget your ID card and do not have the digital version LRC Security may allow you to sign in as a visitor.   

If you have lost your ID card, please report this to the LCS Helpdesk and visit one of the Ask Hubs as soon as possible. 

International Student? You will need your physical ID card to register your attendance on campus to comply with UK Visa and Immigration regulations (UKVI)

Studying in the LRCs 

We are open for individual and group study and have PCs available for you to use, including hi-spec PCs at CL LRC, or you can bring your own device and connect to the network.  LRC facilities and services currently available:

On campus:

Online access wherever you are:

The following services remain unavailable for the time being, but we will update this page with updates in due course:

Access to resources (including books)

  • Our bookshelves are open at both LRCs for you to browse and borrow.  Find out how to locate the book you need.
  • We have an extensive digital collection of learning resources such as ebooks, journals, and databases available via the University’s Online Library and encourage you to look here first.
  • If you are looking for specialist study skills support please visit our Library SkillUP site which offers lots of useful help on topics such as searching, reading, referencing, and evaluating.

Computers and laptops

We have a range of PCs and Macs for you to use, as well as Chromebooks for loan (4 or 12 hours).

  • There is no need to book, just come in and find the PC and study area that works best for you.
  • Our newest PCs, with integrated webcams, can be found on CL LRC first floor and DH LRC second floor.
  • We also have specialist technology suites at both LRCs where PCs have additional software to support specific subjects.
  • If you need any help finding your way around the LRCs, please do ask a member of staff  

Please log out of your computer when you take a break and ensure you have saved your work as LRC computers will log off after a set period of inactivity:

  • PCs will log out after 60 minutes of inactivity
  • MACs will log out after 30 minutes of inactivity

Need to change the language setting on an LRC PC keyboard?

You can change the language input on an LRC PC to either Japanese or Chinese.  Shortcuts to do this are available on the desktop of the PC.  To change the language input:

  • Double click on the language shortcut icon on the desktop of the LRC PC
  • Log out of the PC and then log back in for the settings to take effect 
  • Once logged back in with the new language settings you can choose the required characters

Image of change language input shortcut on LRC PC

Please note that double clicking on either of the language shortcuts will automatically switch language back to English if a non-English language has been previously set. 

Laptop Usage

We encourage you to bring in and use your own laptop.

  • Please ensure this is done safely and be careful not to leave cables trailing as this is a trip hazard
  • Please use the power sockets provided on the worktops.

Quiet and silent study areas

Quiet and silent study areas are available at both LRCs:

College Lane LRC

  • Second floor is a dedicated quiet study zone
  • Silent study room 2J111 on second floor

de Havilland LRC

  • Silent study rooms L220 on second floor and L180 on first floor

Bookable group study rooms are also available at both LRCs.

Please respect other library users and observe the quiet and silent study signage in each LRC.

How to get help 

  • LRC Welcome desk on the ground floor of both LRCs  for face to face support:
    • Open 10:00 - 17:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays
    • 11:30 - 17:00 on Wednesdays
  • Search on AskHerts for more information on any of our services.
  • LRC Information Points are available on all floors of the LRCs to look up books or find answers to common questions on AskHerts
  • Helpdesk support available 24/7, with face-to-face appointments available.  Service updates available on staff available in each LRC to deal with emergencies and first aid.
  • Study Success Hubs –  specialist support services for expert study skills help and 1-1 support.  Please note our Library Skills on campus drop-ins in the Study Success Hub will run until Thursday 26 May and restart in September. For more information, to request a 1:1 Ask a Librarian appointment and to continue to access all our online study skills resources and support go to the Study Success Hub module on Library SkillUP.
  • If you are new to the LRCs, need help getting started, or would like to boost your searching, reading, referencing or evaluation skills please visit our library induction module Library SkillUP.  Students can also chat online with one of our Information Managers (Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm) or book a 1:1 appointment.
  • The Information Managers have also created a UH Library YouTube channel containing a variety of 'bite-sized' videos explaining how to use online library resources such as databases, Library Search, and how to find and use e-books
  • Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest information on library services.

Disability support in the LRCs

The LRCs provide a range of assistive technology to help support students and staff with disabilities.

Networked on all PCs in the LRCs:  TextHelp Read and Write Gold - software which has many study skills features including an inbuilt dictionary, enhanced spellcheck, and a screen reading option, for LRC users with dyslexia.

  • SuperNova(previously Lunar) - screen magnification software, for LRC users with a visual impairment
  • Inspiration 9 is available on a number of PCs in both LRCs.
    • This is a mind-mapping programme, to help with essay planning, organizing thinking, and exam revision, for students with dyslexia. 
    • Available on the ground floor at de Havilland LRC in the green zone
    • Available on the 2nd floor at College Lane LRC in the blue zone (2NW)
    • Look out for the signage on PCs or contact the Helpdesk for more details. 

If you would like text to be read aloud, follow the guidance provided for each of our main ebook suppliers:  

You may wish to use The Read Aloud tool which will read whole Word documents, Outlook emails, and web pages (viewed in the Microsoft Edge browser) aloud to you.  More guidance is available from Microsoft:

Additional disability support is available on:

  • how to access LRC services
  • how to use the assistive technology
  • the loan of small portable items such as digital voice recorders

For further advice and support, make an appointment with a Disability Adviser by contacting:

Eating and drinking in the LRCs

Eating and drinking is permitted in the LRCs but please be considerate of others.

  • Use lidded drinks containers to reduce spillages (except in the cafe)
  • Please use the cafe seating areas when eating messy or smelly snacks and meals.
  • Clear away your rubbish and leave your area clean. 
  • If you have a spillage, please advise the Helpdesk as soon as possible on 01707 284678 or email at
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the LRC
  • Food deliveries will not be accepted at the LRC.

Cafe  Study in the College Lane LRC is now closed for the summer. See: food and drink at College Lane and at de Havilland for more information.

Security and safety

The University Security Team is present for everyone's safety and wellbeing.  Please treat them with respect and follow any instructions you are given.

The LRCs will be staffed by security throughout opening hours.  Speak to a member of the security team if you have any concerns for yourself or others during your visit.

Contact Security on:

  • 01707 281010 - internal extension 1010,
  • or in an emergency 01707 285555 - internal extension 5555

Find out more about student safety.

Accidents, Incidents, or Emergencies

If you are a witness to or involved in an incident or accident that requires urgent attention, please report it immediately to Security 

  • Go to the Security Desk at the LRC entrance or call 01707 281010 - internal extension 1010,
  • In an emergency 01707 285555 - internal extension 5555

If there has been any damage to computing equipment, furniture, or book stocks this should be reported to Security and the Helpdesk on 01707 284678 as soon as possible. 

If the fire alarm sounds, you must exit the building by the nearest available fire escape route which will be clearly signposted.

  • Do not stop to collect your belongings.
  • Follow the instructions of Security and LRC staff.
  • Assemble at the fire assembly point opposite the front entrance of the LRC keeping away from the building and maintain social distancing.
  • Do not attempt to re-enter the building until instructed to do so.

Children and young people in the LRCs

We do understand that for some LRC users it may be necessary to occasionally bring a child or young person along when accessing LRC services - as such, we do permit young people under the age of 18 to come into the LRC with the following conditions.

  1. Visits should last no more than approximately 30 minutes
  2. To ensure a safe and secure environment all children must be supervised by their parent or an appropriate adult at all times when inside the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). i.e., The child should remain at the adult’s side throughout the visit.
  3. Children are not permitted to use any library equipment, including computing equipment, or to use any device on the University wireless network.
  4. The supervising adult must sign in with the child young person on entry at the LRC Security desk and sign out on exit. By signing, the supervising adult accepts sole responsibility for the child, including their quiet behaviour, good conduct, safety, and observation of LRC and other relevant regulations.
  5. Security and LRC staff reserve the right to refuse access or to ask adults with children to leave if their presence raises concerns for welfare or disturbs other LRC users.

For more information please refer to our website

Please note that unsupervised children and young people (aged 0-17) are not permitted in the LRCs.

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