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Study spaces in the Learning Resources Centres

Find the right space for how you want to work

Both LRCs are open 24/7 for group and individual study activities so whether you are looking for a space to participate in a live teaching session, watch a pre-recorded class or learn online there is a space for you. 

Group study spaces

The LRCs have a range of group study spaces including study booths that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

If you are looking for a space for some focused group work, you can book one of the LRC study rooms at   Many of the study rooms are kitted out with new PCs with integrated webcams and mics  for participating in live teaching sessions, watching a pre-recorded class or learning online. 

Find out how to book a group study room:

Individual study spaces

Individual study spaces, both with and without a PC, are available throughout the LRC.  No need to book, just come in and find the study space that works best for you.

Quiet and silent study spaces 

Quiet and silent study spaces are available at both LRCs for those looking for a spot to concentrate and focus.

College Lane LRC

  • Second floor is a dedicated quiet study zone
  • Silent study room 1J136 (18 spaces, 6 with a PC) on the first floor

Temporary multi-faith prayer space in the College Lane Learning Resources Centre (LRC) 

From 11 March - 10 May we are providing  temporary  multi-faith prayer rooms, (1J109 and 1J112 on the first floor of the College Lane LRC)  to support students looking for a space for reflection and prayer whilst studying in the LRC.    Please note:

  • Male and female multi-faith prayer rooms provided which are available to people of all faiths and no faith for individual prayer only.
  • Groups should go to the Key, which remains the primary space for faith activities and prayer on campus.
  •  Please respect the study space outside 1J109 and 1J112 and avoid congregating outside the rooms or disturbing others wishing to study quietly nearby.

de Havilland LRC

  • Silent study rooms L220 on the second floor and L180 on the first floor

Please respect other library users and observe the quiet and silent study signage in each LRC:

  • Switch your phone / electronic device to silent mode
  • If you need to talk, please use one of the alternative study spaces in the LRC so you don't disturb others

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