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Accessing online teaching sessions and tutorials in the LRCs

Plan ahead to make the most of your online teaching sessions

Both LRCs are open 24/7 for a range of group and individual study activities.
Find out how to make the best use of LRC spaces for engaging in online teaching sessions.

  1. Plan ahead so you have enough time to find the right spot for your activity and to get logged in and set up.
  2. Check you know how to log in and what software is needed. This may take a while if it is your first time. Find out more about getting started with MS Teams and Zoom on Ask Herts
  3. Choose a suitable space where you won’t disturb others who are studying quietly.
  4. Get connected to campus Wi-Fi (eduroam) if you are using your own device.  Get connected to campus Wi-Fi 
  5. Check your device connections. You’ll need a webcam and mic if you want to be seen and heard. Our LRC Macs, Chromebook loans, and many of the Windows PCs have integrated webcams and mics.
  6. Get out your headphones so you won't disturb others, especially in quiet and silent study areas.  

Recommended spots for group sessions:

  • Group study rooms: Ideal for groups, ranging in size from 4 to 12-seater rooms.  Book online at  You can book up to 5 hours per week up to 10 days in advance. 
  • Group study booths: Ideal for smaller groups. Some are kitted out with built-in screens to plug in your device and share your screen. 
  • Please do not use the quiet and silent study areas for group activity. 

Etiquette: Webcams, video, and audio recordings in the LRCs

  • Be considerate of others while participating in online sessions.
  • As a matter of courtesy and to avoid dispute, please do not deliberately record or share videos or audio of others without their prior permission.
  • All LRC users should be aware that they may be inadvertently captured in other users' videos and audio.
  • Reminder: All other forms of filming or audio capture in the LRCs are only permitted within a Group Study Room.


Where is the webcam on an LRC Windows PC?

  • Simply lift up the webcam from the back of the screen.

New LRC PC with pop up webcam

What kind of headset do I need? 

  • All LRC PCs have a USB port for you to plug in a USB-connected headset; most PCs also have a 3.5mm headphone jack socket.
  • Wireless headphones (Bluetooth) won't work with our LRC PCs. 

Where can I get a headset? 

  • We don't supply headsets with our PCs so you will need to bring your own.
  • A headset with an inbuilt mic and USB connection will give you the most flexibility in using LRC devices.   
  • You can purchase suitable headsets at several local retailers in Hatfield.

Can I use an LRC Chromebook to participate in online classes?

  • Yes, our LRC Chromebook loans come with integrated webcams and mics. 
  • You can borrow a Chromebook loan for up to 12 hours to use both inside and outside the LRC but remember to return it on time to the LRC you borrowed it from.
  • You will need to stay on campus for it to connect to eduroam Wi-Fi.  Find out more about Chromebook loans.

Can I borrow a computer for more than 12 hours?  

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