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Computer loans for students

We have a number of computers that are available for Herts students to borrow either for 12 hours or longer term

Service update March 2023: our long term PC loan service is temporarily unavailable as we are currently running low on stock.  Please bear with us during this time. Don’t forget you can use the PCs in one of the Learning Resources Centres, which are open 24/7. 

Laptop loan  

Long-term PC loan

Buying a Computer for Uni

Terms and conditions 

Help and support

Borrow a laptop (Chromebook) from one of our Learning Resources Centres

You can borrow a laptop at any time for use on campus. And it’s free! 

At a glance…..

  • Available to all Herts students and staff.
  • 4 and 12 hour loans available
  • Laptop loan lockers are located on the ground floor and the first floor of each LRC – follow the signage
  • No need to pre-book: available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Up to 8 hours battery life.  If you need to work longer than this, please consider using one of our LRC desktop PCs.  Please see our LRC opening hours.
  • Use anywhere on campus. Laptops connect to the eduroam campus Wi-Fi.  Please note that laptops will not work off campus and can only be used with campus Wi-Fi.
  • The laptop will be issued to your library account.  You can view your library account via the "Online Library" in StudyNet
  • Return the laptop to the same LRC and locker unit that you borrowed it from
  • All loans are subject to terms and conditions: Terms and conditions apply

Checking out a laptop loan

Instructions :

  1. Select either '4 hour' or 12 hour' loan.
  2. Place your ID card into the barcode reader. 
  3. The Terms and Conditions will be displayed.  Read these and click Accept. 
  4. The date and time the laptop is due back will display on the screen.  
  5. The locker you have been allocated will now flash. 
  6. The locker door will click open and you can pull the handle to open it. 
  7. Remove the charger cable, take out the laptop and close the locker door. 

Using your laptop loan

  • Work anywhere on campus to suit you 
  • Open the laptop lid and accept the terms and conditions 
  • No login required to start up your laptop
  • Access the internet, your StudyNet, and Office 365 via Chrome browser
  • Save your work to the Cloud (not the Chromebook) – use O365 OneDrive
  • You cannot use the remote desktop service on a laptop
  • Print to LRC printers (as long as your account is in credit – see print & copy payments

Saving your work

  • Once you have closed the lid all files and information from your session will be permanently deleted, so please save your files! 
  • Save your work as you would with any laptop e.g. to your One Drive or usb
  • Please do not save files to My Documents or any other folders on the laptop

Returning your laptop loan

  • Return the laptop to the same LRC that you borrowed it from within your 4 or 12 hour loan period
  • Please be aware that late return will result in library account restrictions. Please see Terms and conditions below
  • Don’t forget to plug the laptop power cable back in as you return it to the locker - if you don't do this the locker will not know you have returned it.

Return instructions:

  1. Press the Return button on the screen
  2. Place your ID card into the barcode reader as shown on the screen 
  3. The locker you need to return your laptop to will begin to flash 
  4. Pull the door handle on the allocated locker to open it 
  5. Place the laptop inside and insert the charger cable into the power socket to ensure that the laptop is returned  
  6. Close the locker door

Long-term PC loan  

Who can apply?

  • Available to all University of Hertfordshire students
  • If you live on campus, don’t forget you can use the PCs in one of the Learning Resources Centres, which are open 24/7. 
  • You can also access an LRC or Lab PC anytime, anywhere via our remote desktop service:
  • If you are thinking of buying your own computer see our Buying a computer for Uni guide for tips and advice on what to look out for when choosing a new computer to study here at Herts.

Viglen omnio PC image

PC loans are all-in-one Windows machines which come with power cable, keyboard, ethernet cable, and mouse.  See PC specification below.

How do I apply?

  • Raise your request online via the LCS Helpdesk at  Please use ‘PC loan’ in the subject field. 
  • Please wait until you are advised that your device is ready to collect and a date confirmed for collection.  You will receive an email notification when your loan PC is available to collect. 
  • Please accept the terms and conditions using online form here prior to collecting your loan PC. 
  • The loaned PC will appear on your library account and will be issued until the end of the academic year (June).  If you need you need the PC for longer than this please let us know in your online request to the LCS Helpdesk.
  • PC loans cannot be 'reserved'.
  • Further renewals after this period are permitted subject to availability.
  • All loans are subject to terms and conditions: Terms and conditions apply.

Collecting your loan PC

  • The PC will be issued to your Library account.  Check the status of your loan on your library account via the Online Library in StudyNet
  • Collect from the College Lane LRC during Welcome Desk opening hours 10:00 - 17:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 11:30 - 17:00 on Wednesdays.
  • Please bring your library card with you and a copy of the notification we sent to you confirming the collection is ready.
  • Please accept the terms and conditions using online form here prior to collecting your loan PC. 
  • If your loan is not collected within 2 weeks from receiving your collection notification email the PC will be made available to another student.
  • If you need to arrange for somebody to collect on your behalf, please contact the Helpdesk first.
  • Please be aware of the box dimensions and weight when collecting your computer and plan accordingly 
  • Box size approx: 76cm x 46cm x 46cm; weight approx. 13KG

Please contact the Helpdesk if you have any other queries about borrowing a computer. 

Using your loan PC

  • Please follow the instructions for setting up your PC for the first time: Setting up your Windows 10 PC
  • Download Office365 and access the Remote Desktop Service for additional access to campus-based software
  • You will have administrator rights on the PC so you can also download your own software
  • Please return your device if you no longer need it so we can make it available to other students
  • Check the status of your loan on your library account. You can view your library account via the "Online Library" in StudyNet.
  • We encourage all students to be aware of cybersecurity.  Please see our 'Staying safe online' information on AskHerts

Long-term loan computer specification

  • All-in-one Windows PCs available
  • Power cable, keyboard, ethernet cable, and mouse provided 
  • Typical all-in-one PC specification: i5 Processor, 8Gb RAM, 500GB Hard drive (not SSD), Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 or similar, Windows 10 operating system, the monitor will be between 19.5" and 24"
  • The PC will typically have 4 USB ports, plus two 3.5mm jacks for audio and mic 
  • These devices are not Wi-Fi enabled and will come with a cable to connect directly to a broadband router
  • Students must provide their own internet connection and other peripherals (such as headset and webcam) if required
  • These devices do not come with a built-in webcam or microphone
  • Power cable lengths vary from 2m to 3m

Viglen omnio PC image

Returning your loan PC

Please return your loan PC as soon as you no longer need it in order to make it available to other students. 

You may return your loan PC at any time before the loan expiry date.  

  • Please return the PC and accessories to the College Lane LRC during Welcome Desk opening hours 10:00 - 17:00 Mondays - Fridays.  Please note that when the Welcome desk is closed please contact the Helpdesk for advice on when and where to return your loan PC.
  • Please contact the Helpdesk to make alternative arrangements if you are unable to return the PC to us in person.

For further information on our Learning Resources Centres and library services available please see:  

Computer loan terms and conditions

For long term PC loans please accept the terms and conditions using online form here prior to collecting your loan PC. 

  • Loans of short-term and long-term equipment is for supporting Herts students only 
  • Loan items must be returned as requested (12 hours maximum loan period for Chromebooks / end of the academic year for Desktop PC)
  • In case of loss or damage, the borrower will be liable for the full cost of replacement/repair 
  • Reminder notifications will be issued for overdue items
  • Late return of items will result in your library account being temporarily restricted and you will be unable to reserve items or take new items out on loan until the overdue item is returned. For more information please see library restrictions for overdue loans.
  • Please note that if a laptop loan becomes overdue for more than 7 days, the full replacement cost of the item will be added to your library account.

The borrower is responsible for all equipment on loan and must agree to: 

  • keep it in a suitable location to reduce the risk of theft and accidental or malicious damage 
  • not lend it to another person 
  • return equipment, and any supplied peripherals, at the specified time in good working condition 
  • indemnify the University of Hertfordshire for any loss, theft or damage, which occurs during the loan period 

Accidental damage or loss 

  • If you damage or lose the loaned equipment contact the Library and Computing Services Helpdesk 
  • PLEASE NOTE this equipment is not covered by any University insurance. It may be covered by your own home contents insurance or other personal risk policy. Please check with your insurance company. 

Help and support

Disability support 

  • If you are unable to use the LRC Chromebook laptop loan service independently, please contact a member of staff for assistance
  • Accessories such as a mouse and keyboard are not provided with Chromebook loans 
  • If you are a supported student who needs adjustments to any part of the service please contact Disability Services 

Getting help: If you experience any problems with your loaned equipment please contact the Helpdesk 

Financial support for students

If you do not have the financial means to buy your own computer and a computer loan does not meet your study needs, there’s a range of financial help available to eligible students at the University of Hertfordshire.


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