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Accessing the Learning Resources Centres

Information and guidance to help you access the Learning Resources Centres on campus

Planning a visit

The LRCs are open 24/7 for current Herts students, staff, and holders of Herts ID cards under the SCONUL Access Scheme.  

  • Any changes to opening hours are updated on the University website if you wish to check before travelling. 
  • Our LRCs may be more or less busy depending on when you visit.  Mornings tend to be quieter than afternoons, especially from March through to May.  You can use the 'plan your visit' feature on the HertsMobile app if you want to plan ahead. 
  • Don’t forget to bring your Herts ID card with you as you’ll need it to swipe in and out of the LRCs, borrow books and Chromebooks, and use the printers.  See Accessing the LRC using your Herts ID card.
  • Please note that unsupervised children and young people will not be admitted to our LRCs at any time.  Please go to the University website about visiting with children and young people under the age of 18.
  • If you are unable to come to campus and visit the LRC we have lots of support to help you stay connected to your studies.  Find out more about accessing LRC services online.  
  • The LRCs are currently open to walk-in visitors aged 18 and over.  Find out more on our website 
  • If you wish to arrange a group visit please contact our Helpdesk
  • Please note that no dogs, other than guide or assistance dogs are permitted to access the University grounds and premises, including our Learning Resource Centres.  More information is available on the University website here: Assistance dogs on University premises

Access the LRC using your Herts ID card

  1. Hold your ID card on top of the security gate reader and wait for the light to turn from blue to green before removing your card. 
  2. Go through the gate straight away.
  3. You must not share your ID card, copy it, or attempt to pass it back to someone behind you as you enter or leave the LRC. 
  4. You must keep your ID card on you at all times.
  5. You'll need your ID card with you if you want to borrow books or a  Chromebook and to use the printers.  

More information on ID cards is available on AskHerts:

You can also access the LRCs with your Digital ID card

  • Download the Herts Mobile app to your phone.
  • You need to be fully registered for your virtual ID to be active.
  • You should see a version of your ID card with a QR code on it - you may need to update the app if you don't see this yet.
  • You must not share or attempt to copy the QR code in order to give someone else access to the LRC using your ID


  • Use either your physical or digital ID card (on the Herts Mobile app), but don't use both on the same visit (your ID card will be 'confused' by your location and may not work correctly at the security gate the next time you try to use it). 
  • Make sure you enter and exit on your ID card. If you follow someone else into or out of the building without using your card it may prevent it from working correctly next time.
  • The digital ID card reader is at the front of the gate, not the top.
  • If you are using a metal cardholder, or present your entire wallet/purse the gate won't be able to read your card.
  • Incorrect use of your card may result in your access being temporarily blocked.  
  • Speak to one of the LRC Security guards if you need assistance using your ID card.  
  • Report faulty cards to one of the Ask Hubs on campus

Accessing the Learning Resources Centres without an ID card

The quickest and easiest way to access the LRCs is with your student or staff ID card.

If you forget your ID card and do not have the digital version LRC Security may allow you to sign in as a visitor.   

If you have lost your ID card, please report this to the LCS Helpdesk and visit one of the Ask Hubs as soon as possible. 

International Student? You will need your physical ID card to register your attendance on campus to comply with UK Visa and Immigration regulations (UKVI)

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