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Student ID cards

Details of how to get your ID card, how to access your virtual ID card and how to use them correctly.

 *You cannot be issued with an ID card until you have completed Online registration. 

For security purposes, all students are required to wear their ID Card whilst on campus. Your ID Card not only identifies you but also allows you access to University buildings and facilities.

Your first ID Card

You cannot be issued with an ID card until you have completed  Online (Stage 1) registration.

Home/EU students - please collect your ID card at your earliest convenience from any of the Ask Herts Hubs

International students - your ID card will be issued when you attend your Registration slot. This is also where you can also collect your  Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) 

Once you have completed Online (Stage 1) registration you are given the option to upload a photo for your ID Card in the What Next section of your portal. While this is an optional step, we encourage you to upload a photo prior to collecting your ID Card as this will save you time. Alternatively, we can take your photo for you at one of the Ask Herts Hubs or during your registration appointment. Please refer to this Ask Herts page for further details on University ID card photo specification.

What to bring with you

ID cards can only be collected in person and you must bring another form of photographic  ID (digital or photocopies will be accepted) with you (e.g. a passport, full or provisional driving license). If you have changed your official name since birth and do not have new photographic identification (in your changed  name) please ensure you have official  documentation with you e.g. Deed poll, marriage, divorce certification). 

Returning students

Your ID card is valid for the duration of your programme of study,  therefore you will not be issued with a new ID card each year. If you lose your ID card, you will need to buy a replacement card

Using your ID card

After collecting your ID card, you will need to update it at one of the update points. (You will need to wait 2 minutes before doing this to allow our ID systems to update.)  

There are ID card update points around campus, including the Learning Resources Centre (LRC) entrance gates.

  • At the LRC you will need to hold the card down on top of the gate (on your right-hand side)  - this may take up to 30 seconds
  • We recommend removing the card from any holder/ wallet first. 
  • The gate will open once the card has been updated.   
  • Please be patient and try not to remove your card during this time. 
  • The next time you use your ID card to enter the LRC it will open immediately if you have correctly updated it as above. 
  • You may have to update it again if you only use your ID card infrequently.

If you are a new student, you will need to allow 24 hours after collecting your ID card to be able to use it on the print, copy and scan devices on campus. 

You will need your student ID card in the Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) to:

All students, staff, and other Herts ID card holders should update their ID Card regularly, on an ID card update point, (we recommend at least every 2 weeks).  If your ID card is not updated for 6 months, then it will be removed from the Access Control system due to inactivity and you will need to collect a new ID Card from one of the Ask Herts Hubs

Virtual ID cards

Once you have completed registration, download the Herts Mobile App where you can access your virtual ID card.

Virtual ID can be used for:

  • Proof that you are a student or member of staff at the University 
  • Access to both College Lane and de Havilland LRC
  • Access to Hertfordshire Students' Union events
  • Proof of eligibility for any discounted UH ticket on UNO bus

Currently, you cannot use your virtual ID card to borrow books or laptops from the LRCs,  and you cannot use this to register your attendance. 

Please note that when on campus you must still have your physical ID card visible for security reasons.

Physical ID cards- Distance Learning

Physical ID cards are issued to students who are studying on campus, and are used for accessing rooms, the LRC and registering your attendance for your lessons held on campus.

If your studies are remote and not held on campus, you do not need to have a physical ID card, although you can upload a photo for your virtual ID card. We are unable to post physical cards to students studying remotely for security reasons, but if you are able to visit the University in person, we can collect it in person. (Please consult our opening hours.)

You can use your virtual ID card for many student discounts, or sign up to sites such as UNiDAYS, Student Beans and TOTUM for further offers.

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