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Find out about University's Fitness-to-Practise policy and procedures

Student’s conduct is measured against University regulations and the Principles of Professional behaviour relevant to the programme in which they are enrolled. 

When a student enrols on a Professional Programme, their conduct and actions during their study on and off-campus, during their placement and/or employment, and in their personal life, must be consistent with the University regulations and the relevant regulator’s Principles of Professional Behaviour (or equivalent).

 A student’s fitness to practise is called into question when their behaviour or health raises a serious or persistent cause for concern about their ability to continue on a programme and deliver professional standards expected of them. This includes, but is not limited to, the possibility that they could put at risk the patients, the public, other students or staff, themselves and the need to maintain trust in the profession. 

The University staff and students, Practice Representatives and the public are obliged to report and, where applicable,  investigate a student’s unprofessional behaviour, conduct, incompetence, health or other issues that may affect the student’s Fitness to Practise. 

Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct and Student’s Fitness-to-Practise Policy UPR SA15 and the SA15 appendices for the detailed process.  

 Need more help?

You should always seek guidance from your programme leader in the first instance.  For more general queries and advice about Fitness-to-Practise, please contact the central FTP Support team

The Student’s Union Advice and Support Centre provide practical, impartial, free advice and support to students. Please see further details on their website.

The Student Wellbeing Team offers a range of counselling and mental health services. If you need support, please self-refer directly.

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