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Herts Academic Skills (HAS)

Whether you need help with your language and communication skills for university life in general or for a particular written assignment or project, the Herts Academic Skills (HAS) team can help.

Herts Academic Skills (HAS) is a central team in the University.  We work with lecturers in your School but also directly with you as a student. Our aim is to help make sure that you have all the opportunities you need to develop your academic skills and to reach your academic goals. 

The best way to keep up to date on all the support available to you is by adding the Herts Academic Skills home page to your Canvas dashboard. You can enrol yourself on our site via this link: Herts Academic Skills on Canvas

You can enrol and unenroll on the site whenever you like, or you can just visit via the link:

You can also contact us directly by email via

Frequently asked questions: 

  • What is Herts Academic Skills (HAS)?
  • What academic skills support is available?
  • How can I get support with my assignments?
  • How do I get help with academic writing?
  • How do I access academic English support?

Here are some key HAS resources and services that you may find useful:

Herts Academic Skills – Getting Started

This is a very short micromodule that should be especially helpful at the start of your course.  The module:

  • Introduces you to academic skills and encourages you to assess your skills and needs;
  • Introduces you to REFERENCING and PLAGIARISM and allows you to practice the kind of writing you will be assessed on in your university assignments; this is non-compulsory, but if you complete the practice task, you will receive a grade and some feedback which will help you in your future work;
  • Shows you how to start communicating effectively at university and gives you an opportunity to start connecting to other students.

LRC Academic Skills One-to-One Consultations

We have academic advisors in the LRCs most days who provide ongoing academic skills support

When you go to the LRC, it would be good to take the assignment with you so you can discuss it there with the member of staff.

One-to-One online consultations 

You can also request a consultation with one of our academic advisors online via our email address

English Language Development

  • If you would like to develop your English language skills, we have some videos about English language development on the Herts Academic Skills Canvas Site.
  • There will also be short courses you can attend that help with language development including, English conversation clubs, Academic writing workshops, and other English classes. 

If you have any questions or requests, you can use the Canvas site CHAT function or you can email via