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How to share your feedback with the University

There are lots of opportunities for you to Voice it and share your feedback with the University.

Student Surveys

Our student surveys range from finding out about your views on technology and teaching methods, to what you think about the buses and food. 

Herts Empowerment from Hertfordshire Students’ Union 

The Students’ Union have a permanent feedback form on their website. You can post ideas to make student life better, share issues you may be having at Herts, and even post a ‘congratulations’ to any students or staff you believe deserve a shout out! 

Elected Officers at Hertfordshire Students’ Union 

The Elected Offices are a group of four students who have been voted in by you, to represent your voice to the University. Reach out to the team if you have any questions or issues. 

Student Reps 

There are over 600 student reps across the University. They have been elected by you to represent your voice to your school of study. Find out who your reps are on StudyNet and go and have a chat. 

School community organisers 

Got some ideas to improve your school community? Talk to your school community organisers who work closely with staff at the University to provide you with the best experience.  

Herts Mobile App 

We are always looking to improve the way we communicate with you. When you download our handy little app, with maps, bus times, notifications and more, look out for the feedback button and tell us what you think. 

Student Newsletter 

Your student newsletter lands in your inbox every month. It’s full of news, information, events and blogs, and is a great place for you to share your stories and your views on student life. We are always looking for ideas for content and future writers, so why not suggest a story or get in touch with the team about anything you’ve read. 

Food on Campus 

Tried something tasty and want to see more of it? Not too sure on allergen information? Not satisfied with your meal? Let our catering team know! You can leave your feedback at Your Voice Counts.