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Communal Kitchens

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy

All residents living on campus are expected to keep communal areas clean and tidy in accordance with the Code of Conduct

Please make sure that you follow the bin rota in particular and make sure bins aren't all left for the students who are meant to remove the bins on a Monday.

Kitchen Inspections

Kitchens will be regularly inspected to ensure that they are kept at an acceptable standard. They will be given a Green or Red card.

Red Red means that the kitchen is currently at an unacceptable level and a Student Support Officer will be in contact with issues that urgently need to be addressed
Green Green is great, it means your kitchen is currently at a good standard. You may even be in the running to win a prize at the end of the Semester.

My flatmates aren't helping

If your flatmates are not helping to keep the kitchen tidy or take out the bins, please contact a Student Support Officer in confidence so we can assist and advise you.  If you have an urgent problem when the office is closed, please contact our Resident Assistants via Security.

Any questions?

Speak to a member of the Residence Life and Safeguarding Team team.


Contact Us

Residence Life Team

Office of the Dean of Students

Today 08:30 - 16:00
Outside of office hours, in an emergency please contact Security (01707 281010 internal 1010)
B440 , College Lane
Today 08.30 - 16.00
Residential Services Office , De Havilland Campus


Today - Open 24 Hours
Security Control Room, College Lane and de Havilland