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Leaving your accommodation

Find out what to do before leaving your university accommodation

Leaving before the end of your accommodation contract and re-letting your room

You can request to leave early through the accommodation portal by clicking Early Departure. 

The University will then note you are leaving your room and that you wish for it to be re-let.

You should be aware that you are liable for your accommodation fees up until the end date of your contract or until we are able to fill your room with another resident. Whilst we will do all that we can to achieve this, we cannot offer you a guarantee.  You should not attempt to re-let your room yourself as this will breach the  Terms and Conditions of Occupancy.  Please note, any student found to have sub-let their room will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Leaving at the end of your accommodation contract 

Vacate your room

  1. Remove all personal possessions and decorations, including items in communal areas
  2. Remove food from lockers, fridges and freezers
  3. Take all rubbish sacks to the outside bins
  4. Leave your room by 10 am on the last day of your contract (or the date that you have agreed to leave your room)

Return your key

When you are ready to leave, please return your key and/or your accommodation swipe card (not your student ID card) to us. Where you return your key to depends on where you live:

College Lane Campus return your key to the College Lane Residences Helpdesk in the Oval building
de Havilland Campus return your key to the Residences Reception behind the Refectory


We will not redirect your post. Post received after the end of your contract will be returned to sender.

You must make arrangements with the Royal Mail for your post to be redirected. Complete a form available at a main Post Office or download the form from the Royal Mail website.


All cars, motorbikes and bicycles must be removed by the end of your contract. Any remaining vehicles will be removed and the owner will be charged for removal.

Leaving out of hours

Don't worry if you are leaving  when our offices are closed.

  • Postboxes are provided outside of each office for you to return your key
  • Put your key and/or accommodation swipe card in an envelope
  • Write your name, student ID number and address of the room that you are moving out of on the envelope and post in in the box

Arrange the return of your deposit

Find out about the return of your deposit


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