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Parking at Herts

All the information you need for parking on campus.

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Park and Ride

The Park and Ride car park is located at Angerland, Hatfield, AL10 8HS. The car park is free and open from 07.00 - 22.00, Monday – Friday during term time. 

To get a shuttle bus from the Park and Ride car park to College Lane or de Havilland, you’ll need to buy a ticket that costs £1 from the ticket machine at the bus shelter. You can pay by cash or card. 

Although the Park and Ride bus won’t be running out of term time, you can still use the car park for free and walk to campus. Check out our TikTok to see the route.

Parking on campus 

Unsure where you are able to park? Consult our flow chart here.

Student parking without an Extenuating Circumstance permit is available on College Lane campus only and you must register for a permit with Hozah, our new parking system provider.  

1. How do I register for a permit? 

To get a permit, you must register your car and payment details on our University’s Hozah website. Once you have registered, make sure you have received a confirmation email (check your spam/junk just in case). If you don’t receive a confirmation email, contact the Parking team. 

Your car will now be registered at any Hozah enabled car park in the UK. You can keep track of your parking charges and details on your Hozah account. 

If you haven’t registered with Hozah and park on campus, you must register by 23.59 on the day you first park on campus for over two hours or you may be fined. You can register on your smartphone, computer, or ask one of our friendly receptionists who will be able to help.  You do not need to register for a permit with Hozah if you only plan on parking on campus for under two hours.

2. Where can I park on campus? 

You can park in any of the designated student areas on this map 

3. How much is it? 

Parking is free for permit holders for the first two hours, and then costs £2 for a full day. If you are a Blue Badge holder or have a disability extenuating circumstances permit, it will cost £1 for a full day. This will be automatically deducted from your bank account. You can only pay for parking through Hozah online and the payment can be taken up to ten days after you have left the car park. 

If you move to a different car park on campus, don’t worry you’ll only be charged for one session. You can only park on de Havilland campus if you have a Blue Badge or extenuating circumstances permit. 

Following the initial free two-hour period, there is a no-return period of three hours (which starts at the end of the initial two hours). If you return before the three hour no-return period is up, you will need to pay for parking. If you return after more than three hours, you are eligible for another free two hours.

For example, if you come onto campus at 9.00 and leave before 11.00, you could come back to campus at any time from 14.00 (three hours later) and receive another two hours free of charge.

You will only need to pay for parking during the charge hours, which are Monday – Friday, 07.00 – 19.00. You don’t need to pay for parking on weekends, bank holidays or University closure days. 

4. What do I do if I need to change my car or payment details? 

You’ll need to log in to the Hozah website to change any details. 

5. Who can I contact if I have a complaint or query? 

Contact the Parking team. 

6. Can I park my motorbike or moped on campus? 

Yes, you can park your motorcycle or moped on campus. You do not need to be registered for a permit with Hozah, but you will need to register your motorcycle with You can park for free as long as you’re in a designated motorcycle bay.  

Permits for those with young children, caring responsibilities or a disability 

If you have a Blue Badge, you can park on either campus site. You will still be required to register with Hozah and pay for parking at a reduced rate. 

If you don’t qualify for a Blue Badge, you may be able to apply for an extenuating circumstances permit and you may be able to park at both de Havilland and College Lane campus sites.  

*Please note that the Extenuating Circumstances (EC) permit does not entitle you to a parking space on either campus. The EC permits give permission to park but there is no guarantee of availability of parking on both campuses.

Click to find out more. 

Permits for residential students 

Click to find out more. 


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