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Accident, Incident or Near-Miss Reporting

Please report any accident, incident or near-miss using the online report form to the Health, Safety and Workplace Wellbeing Office.

The online form must be completed in the event of any accident/incdient or near-miss on University premises involving students, staff or visitors; and for any accident/incident/near-miss away from the University involving students or staff on University business or educational activities.

What is an Accident/Incident or Near-Miss? 


Separate, identifiable, unintended work related incident that causes physical injury.

Examples: slips/trips and falls, injuries whilst using/handling equipment, exposure to harmful substances or violence at work.

Other incidents May include ill health or other non work related injuries requiring first aid.
Near miss:  An incident with the potential to cause harm but didn't on this occasion. 

Reporting an Accident, Incident or Near-Miss

Please complete an Accident/Incident/Near-Miss report using the button below.

Privacy Notice: By submitting an accident/incident form you agree to allow the Health, Safety and Workplace Wellbeing office to use and share this information with relevant people (e.g. SBU Safety Contact/Line Manager) in order to facilitate a follow-up of the accident/incident or near-miss.

The University will hold all information provided in accordance with Data Protection legislation and the University’s Data Protection UPR.

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