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Student Visa Holders – Working on placement year

Information for international students wanting to go on a placement

When considering whether to take a work placement, we advise that you contact a Student Immigration Adviser first before making a decision, as taking a work placement may affect your visa status. Email to discuss this.

If you wish to take a work placement as part of your studies, you can work full-time at your work placement. However, there are some job roles which you are not able to do. Please refer to  What type of work can I do? Permitted and Not permitted.

Remember – you cannot start your placement until you have obtained official approval from the Placements team AND you have checked your visa status with a Student Immigration Adviser. 

Whilst you are on a full-time work placement, you are also able to work part-time (up to your weekly working hours limit) at another job - both jobs can be paid.  Please make sure that any part-time job does not impact on your work placement.

Masters with Placement students are not permitted to work full-time during the period between completing studies and waiting to start a work placement.  This time is to be used for finding a work placement, including attending any interviews. You should also engage with any 'preparation for placement' modules which your programme may have.

If your placement will last for less than an academic year (e.g. one semester only), then at the end of your placement you must either return to studies OR secure another placement before the first placement ends. If you are unable to do this and there is a period of more than 60 days (excluding official University vacation periods) before you are required to be in studies, then you must return to your home country and reapply for a new visa to return to the UK when your studies resume. Think about how likely it is that you will be able to secure another placement starting straight after the first placement. If you cannot do this, then we would suggest that you do not take a one semester only placement.

Your new location will be reported to the Home Office once you start at the placement, and your attendance will be monitored throughout your placement. If your immigration status or circumstances change whilst on placement these must be reported to . If you are withdrawn or suspended by the University whilst on work placement, you have a responsibility to inform your work placement supervisor of this. You must also stop attending the work placement with immediate effect.

Extending your visa for a work placement

Students who wish to add a UK based work placement year to their course can either apply for a new visa before the placement starts, OR after the placement has ended. We strongly advise that you contact a Student Immigration Adviser first before deciding to do a work placement, so that you fully understand how taking a work placement will affect your individual visa situation.

If you wish to apply for your new visa before your UK based placement starts, then you must make sure that you leave enough time to make the application and receive the new visa. You will not be able to start the placement until you receive the new visa if you decide to make the application before starting the placement. You cannot start the work placement and then apply for a new visa once the placement has started.

If you are taking an overseas work placement, then the University will stop sponsorship of your student visa if the placement cannot be monitored. You will then need to make a new visa application from overseas to return to studies, please contact the Student Immigration Team a few months before your expected return.

If you require a visa extension due to going on placement, please request a new CAS.

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