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Request a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

How to get a new CAS to extend your Student visa

How to request a CAS:

If you need extra time to finish your current course
  • Complete the online CAS request form AT LEAST TWO MONTHS BEFORE your visa expires (if you are making a UK based application).

Before your CAS can be issued, we will undertake checks to ensure that you are eligible for Student sponsorship. These checks take time, especially if we have to verify your immigration status with UKVI, so please be aware that it may be some weeks before your CAS can potentially be issued. Any requests received less than a month before visa expiry may not be processed.

By requesting a CAS, you are confirming that you are fully aware of your responsibility to abide by the conditions of your Student visa. The University reserves the right not to issue a CAS (or to withdraw a CAS) to someone who:

  • Has become an 'overstayer'
  • Has breached the conditions of their visa (including working)
  • Does not meet the eligibility criteria for Student
  • Where there is reason to believe that a Student visa application will be refused
  • When there is already a pending application with UKVI

Please note - If you have an outstanding tuition fee debt we will not be able to issue you a CAS


If your visa application is refused - please inform the Student Immigration Team (Compliance)


IMPORTANT: To make sure that you can continue with your studies, please be aware of the following CAS deadlines:

In country (UK) applications

Deadline for CAS request form to be submitted.

ONE MONTH before your visa expires.


Out of country (overseas) applications for Semester A 2022/23

Deadline for CAS request form to be submitted.

Monday 1 August 2022

Deadline for all correct documents to be received & CAS to be issued.

Friday 12 August 2022

Out of country (overseas) applications for Semester B 2022/23

Deadline for CAS request form to be submitted.     Thursday 1 December 2022
Deadline for all correct documents to be received & CAS to be issued. Friday 16 December 2022

Please help us to help you by complying with the above deadlines.  If you submit a late CAS request after the deadlines, there will not be enough time for you to make a visa application to return to studies on time/continue with studies. Therefore in these situations, it may be too late for us to issue a CAS and you would have to defer your studies.  CAS requests received after the above deadlines may not be considered and we reserve the right not to issue a CAS for any late applications.

If you are progressing from one course to another course at the University

(e.g. from undergraduate to Master’s or from Pre-sessional to UG degree)


Do not complete the online CAS request form. Your CAS will be emailed to you by the International Admissions team once you have met all of your offer conditions (financial/academic etc). Do not request a CAS from the Student Centre for a new course.  

To discuss your new course offer conditions, please email


If you pay more of your tuition fees after you have received your CAS: 

Inform the Student Immigration Team (Advice) as soon as possible,  so that your online CAS can be updated with the new amount.

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