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Sustainability at UH - Litter Picks

Litter Pick Guidance

Litter Picks at Herts

Read the guidance below to learn how to stay safe whilst doing your bit for your community. 

Litter Pick Guidance

Risk Assessment

Before taking part in a litter pick you must have read these documents and completed this safety form



  • When is the next litter pick?

You can see all upcoming events here:  Sustainability at UH - How To Get Involved

  • Can my SBU/School/ society borrow equipment to conduct our own litter pick?

Yes, equipment can be borrowed from the Sustainability Team. Please contact for enquiries. 

  • Do I need to collect recyclable and non-recyclables separately?

Under the advice of our Estates department, it is best to collect recyclable and non-recyclable items together during litter picks as it is easier for the waste contractor to pick out the non-contaminated recyclables at the waste facility than to remove the contaminated items from the recycling stream. If, however, you come across a large number of cans or bottles in an area, these should be collected separately if possible, and placed in a mixed recycling bin.

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