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Trans-Inclusive Guidance

Practical information for trans students and how to support trans students with gender identity issues and transition.

UH is committed to being a trans-inclusive institution that champions diversity and celebrates the gender identities of students and staff. 

The Equality Office has collaborated with individuals across the University to develop guidance to support trans students and those who are offering support to students. 

Someone who is ‘transgender’ does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. The guidance refers to ‘trans’ people as an umbrella term for transgender individuals inclusive of all identities and has in mind a broad range of people whose gender identity is not expressed in ways that are typically associated with their assigned sex at birth. This includes those who have non-binary, non-gender or genderfluid identities. It includes those trans people who have transitioned, are in the process of transitioning or are thinking about transitioning.

The aims of the guidance are:

  1. to assist individuals at the University in understanding gender diversity in relation to the trans community
  2. to clarify the roles and responsibilities for supporting students with gender identity issues
  3. to provide practical information for students who are thinking about, undergoing or have undergone transition, including detailing the University protocols for changing student records and storing confidential information

According to Stonewall, 'People perform better when they can be themselves' and we endeavour to ensure students feel respected, supported and have the confidence to achieve. Promoting and supporting the diverse identities at the University not only creates an environment where students and staff feel supported but also have the confidence to achieve.

We have undertaken several initiatives to support the trans community including:

Further Resources

The University will at no time discriminate against people on the grounds of their gender identity or gender expression. We actively seek to provide a positive learning and working environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation. 

We welcome any comments and encourage open and transparent dialogue. If you require any further information and a copy of the document, please contact the Equality Office. 

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