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Travel Grant (Student Finance England)

The Travel Grant is available from Student Finance England (SFE) to full-time SFE funded students studying abroad as part of their course, or attending a clinical placement in the UK

Who qualifies?

  • SFE funded students may be eligible if they’re studying a full-time higher-education course and getting student finance that depends on their household income

EU students funded by Student Finance Services are not able to apply for the Travel Grant

Students must also be:

  • Attending an overseas University or College for at least 50% of any academic term as an integral part of their course
  • Attending a hospital or other premises in the UK as an integral part of their medical or dental course. Students who are eligible to apply for bursaries/awards from the Department of Health are not eligible to apply for a travel grant

The Travel Grant is not available to students on a work placement abroad unless the student is on the Erasmus+ scheme and is undertaking study, work, or combined work and study periods as part of their course

What Can I Get?

The amount that you can get will depend on your household income. The first £303 of your travel costs are disregarded i.e. you will need to cover the cost of these via other means. Your travel grant will be reduced by £1 for each £8.73 of household income over £39,796.

We know this is a bit difficult to understand, so we've broken down an example for you in the below table

Travel Expenses Household Income Travel Grant Allowance
£1,000 £35,000 £697
£1,000 £40,000 £674
£1,000 £45,000 £101
£1,000 £50,000 £0

What can I claim for?

 If eligible:

  •  Up to three return journeys between the UK and your overseas institution you are studying at during a full academic year abroad
  • The cost of a child/children’s fare between the UK and the overseas institution if it’s necessary for a lone parent who’s also a student to take them abroad
  • Mandatory medical insurance, visas and medical expenses for the purpose of studying abroad
  • A rate of 24p per mile if you have to travel by car
  • Any travel costs associated with clinical training where attendance at a hospital or other premises is necessary. Students who are eligible to apply for bursaries/awards from the Department of Health are not eligible to apply for a travel grant

How do I apply?

Once you have applied to SFE indicating that you’ll be studying abroad or clinical work placement for at least 50% of a term, you can apply for a Travel Grant.

Once your Student Finance application has been approved, you should automatically be sent the correct forms to complete. If not, please call SFE on 0300 100 0607 to request a Travel Abroad Expenses Form.

If you are unable to regularly call SFE from your Study Abroad location, we can contact them on your behalf. To do this, please ensure that you have set up Consent to Share on your account

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