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Where and how can I pray on campus?

The University Chaplaincy manages two multi-faith spaces, The Key, College Lane, and the Multi Faith Space, de Havilland, which offer space for prayer, meditation and reflection.

The University normally has two multi-faith areas. The larger space is on the College Lane Campus and called The Key, here you can find prayer space and dedicated washing facilities for those who need them. The Key is managed by the University Chaplaincy which works with student faith societies and local faith communities to provide opportunities for prayer and worship in a wide range of traditions. 

The second is also a Multi Faith Space on the de Havilland Campus (behind the restaurant and opposite the SU shop), which is also managed by the University Chaplaincy. 

If you need to pray during lectures:

  • Talk to your lecturer/tutor on the timings of breaks. Normally a 10 - 15 minute break is given in a 2 hour lecture.
  • Plan your prayers during official breaks if possible
  • Combine or delay the timings of your prayers, for example, in winter months when the days are short, Muslim prayers of Zohr and Asr can be combined at lunch time. Maghrib prayer can be delayed until after lectures.
  • If you must pray during a lecture, please make sure your lecturer is aware, leave the class discretely without disturbing other learners and consider asking a fellow student to take notes for you or ensure you watch any recording. It is up to you to catch up  on any gaps.

We encourage students to connect with their local faith communities at the weekend, who will welcome you. Details of local places of worship can be found under 'Chaplaincy: how can we help?'.

You can also contact Reverend Fiona, University Chaplain, on or call 07702 442 696 (Mon- Fri office hours only).

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Chaplaincy - The Key


Today 08:00 - 21:00
The Key is a multi-faith and multi-cultural centre, on the College Lane Campus. You will find it on the hill just above the Elehouse, near the Forum, and on the path up towards the Halls of Residence.
The Key, College Lane

Chaplaincy - The Multi Faith Space


Today 08:00 - 21:00
The new Multi Faith Space on the de Havilland Campus offers a shared space for those of all faiths and none to take some time out in prayer and reflection or to come and connect with others exploring faith.
The Multi Faith Space, De Havilland