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Will I pay Home or International tuition fees?

A guide to how we determine your tuition fee status when you study with us.

Before you start your studies at the University of Hertfordshire, we need to determine whether you will be classed as a Home or International fee payer. For many applicants this will be a straightforward process, but for others it is more complicated than you might expect. 

All decisions follow the UKCISA Framework for Fees guidance, and we are not able to make exceptions for any students. Our decision will always match that of the Student Loans Company.

After you apply, if our Admissions team have a query about your fee status, they will send you an email with a form for you to fill in to help us get some more information about your personal circumstances. 

If you receive this email, please fill in the form and attach any relevant documents even if you are sure of which fees you should be paying. If you do not fill in this form then you won't receive any emails about completing your online registration, and this could cause delays when you arrive.

If you arrive at your face to face registration session without completing this form and providing your documents, you will not be allowed to register and will need to book an appointment with our Admissions team to resolve the query. Please check the fee assessment form for details of who to contact.

Completing the fee assessment form

The form along with any documents you upload will automatically go to the Admissions Team handling your application. Please get in touch with the relevant team if you have any questions.

Please note that in busy periods our response times may be longer than usual, so please try to complete the form as soon as possible.


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