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Clearing: A guide for students who have already applied for funding

FAQ for students who have applied to us through Clearing and have already applied for funding

 If you have not applied for funding, please see Clearing: A guide for students who have not yet applied for funding

I have already applied to Student Finance but under a different university. Do I need to change this to the University of Hertfordshire?

  • Yes. Before 1st September you can change this yourself on your Student Finance account. Go to: Your Account/ Change your Application/ University or College and Course. Student Finance will update your application within 48 hours
  • To make this change after the start of 1st September, you will need to contact the Student Funding and Financial Support team to submit a Change of Circumstance (COC) to Student Finance. Student Finance can take up to 6 weeks to process these COC’s, and your funding (including your maintenance loan) cannot be released until they do. It is therefore in your interest to make this change yourself before 1st September

I have already applied to Student Finance but my course has changed. Do I need to notify Student Finance?

  • Yes. You can do this yourself on your online account before 1st September. From 1st September onwards you will need to ask the University of Hertfordshire’s Student Funding and Financial Support team to submit a Change of Circumstance

I have changed my university/my course through Clearing. Will this affect my funding entitlement?

  • It may do. Maintenance is calculated based on a number of factors, which include where your university is situated (in London or outside London), the course that you are undertaking, and the duration of your course. For further information, contact the Student Funding and Financial Support team

If my funding application hasn’t been approved by the start of term, or is with the wrong university, can I still register?

  • You can still register. However you need to be aware that if your funding is turned down for any reason, you would have to self-fund any fees you become liable for. If your application hasn’t been approved, please see the Student Funding and Financial Support team at Registration

I am worried about my accommodation payments. What happens if I don’t receive my funding in time for my first accommodation payment?

  • If you are staying in university managed accommodation and your funding is delayed, you will need to make alternative arrangements to ensure payment of your accommodation fees. Please contact with any queries

I am unsure whether I have changed my details with SFE successfully, what should I do?

If you have tried to make the relevant changes to your SFE application by logging into your online student finance account, these should be processed by SFE within 48 hours. If you have contacted the Student Funding and Financial Support team to make changes on your behalf, these will take SFE up to 30 working days to process.

  1. Log into your online Student Finance account and view your 2022/23 application; your updated details should be visible
  2. If you cannot see the updated details, Contact SFE on 0300 100 0607 to ask them whether they can see the correct information. If so, query why your online account is not showing correctly
  3. Contact the Student Funding and Financial Support team with your Student Support Number (SSN) and we will check whether your course/University details are correct on your application

It is imperative that Student Finance England (or relevant funding body) are informed if your institution changes through clearing and it is your responsibility to do so. Failure to update Student Finance England will result in delays to your funding.

I will be living away from home and will need my maintenance to pay for living costs. If there is a delay to my funding is there any support that the university can give?

  • If your funding is delayed you can make an appointment to see a member of the Student Funding and Financial Support team, and they will help you to identify and resolve any issues with Student Finance

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