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Make a payment / Pay your fees

Make a tuition fee or accommodation fee payment to the University of Hertfordshire by card or bank transfer.

Please DO NOT pay using the details below if you are a student of HIC (Hertfordshire International College). If you are a student of HIC please click here for instructions on how to make your payment.  

Pay using Flywire

To pay online or securely via a variety of local payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more. Users can utilise real-time payment tracking every step of the way through email, in-app and text alerts.


Pay using Convera

To pay online or securely send bank transfers from your home country in your local currency.  UK students can also use this option.!/


Pay online using a credit or debit card

To make a payment via our payment portal use one of the following options:

Tuition payments:

Tuition Fees (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

Tuition Fees (Research – Doctoral College)

Tuition Fees (UH Online)

International Tuition Fee Deposit

Accommodation payments:

Accommodation Fees

Accommodation Deposit

NHS Placement Accommodation

Other payments:

Replacement Book

Equipment Deposit

You can also access your payment plans for your Accommodation and Tuition Fees here.


Pay in person at the Place2Pay in AskHutton Hub (College Lane Campus)

We also take payment by credit or debit card.

We do not accept Cheque payments.

We do not accept AMEX cards

We no longer accepts Cash as a payment method. Please use one of our preferred payment methods listed above. 


Fraud Warning 

Attention, students and applicants! Your safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to handling your finances. That's why we strongly recommend using the University's approved payment methods for all your fee transactions. We have implemented rigorous guidelines and policies to ensure that your personal information and funds remain secure.

Unfortunately, the world is full of fraudsters targeting unsuspecting students and applicants. They employ various deceitful tactics related to payments, and we want you to be well-informed and protected. It is crucial that you familiarise yourself with the different types of fraud out there and take necessary precautions to safeguard your personal details. You can find some examples of money-related fraud in the following Student Fraud Guidance

Remember, when it comes to fee payments, always make them directly to the University using one of the authorised payment methods listed on our official page. Please avoid making payments through third-party platforms or individuals. Your trust and security are of utmost importance to us, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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