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When to expect your assessment results and what they mean.

When will I receive my results?

Assessment results will be released to your student record as per the Academic Calendar published on the website.

You can log on to your student record  to view all of your results.

If you are unable to access your student record please contact the helpdesk via email or call 01707 284678.

What your results mean

Read our Frequently Asked Questions documents:

Module Results FAQ document - provides student guidance relating to assessment results including a detailed explanation of what your results mean. You can also click here to see a breakdown of UH grades and module assessment status codes.

Award Results FAQ document - provides student guidance relating to award results.

Module results

  • A module status of DEFC / DEFE / DEFB* means that your Exceptional Circumstances application has been accepted.  You should submit your work by the published deadline for deferred assessments.  This information should be available in your Module Handbook or Module Canvas site.  Please contact your Module Leader if you cannot find it.

*If you submitted an Exceptional Circumstances application and have not been awarded a status of DEFC / DEFE / DEFB then this will likely mean that your request has been rejected OR is still to be processed.  Should you need any further clarification please contact with your ID number and course name in the subject. *

  • A status of FREFC / FREFE / FREFB means that you have failed the module but have been offered a referral opportunity in one or more assessments. Please check with the module team which assessments you have been referred in and when work needs to be submitted.

Please contact your module leaders directly for specific information regarding your resubmission work. Information about the referral assignment should be on your module site on Canvas.

If you are eligible to re-submit in the referral/deferral period but then feel that you are unable to meet that  deadline then please refer to guidance regarding Coursework Extensions or the Exceptional Circumstances policy.

  • A status of FRENC / FRENE / FRENB means that you have failed the module and will need to re-enrol on the module in the next academic year. Re-enrolment will be actioned by the administration team, you do not need to request this to take place. Re-enrolmed modules will be charged per 15 credits.  Clarification of the cost of this can be sought from the Tuition Finance team.
  • A status of FNFA means that you have failed the module and there will be no further attempts for this. If you would like to discuss this you can contact the Module leader for that specific module.

On completion of your studies you will be sent your results via a transcript. If you require this before the end of your studies, you can request a Notification of Result from your school which is a breakdown of 

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