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When to apply to extend your Student Visa from the UK

Advice about the best time to start to prepare your new visa application
  • If you are starting a new course you must submit your application within 6 weeks of the start of the course or before your current visa expires, whichever comes first
  • If you are making a visa extension to complete your course, you must make your application before your current permission to be in the UK runs out. If you do not apply before then, you lose any rights of an administrative review against a refusal and you become an overstayer, which is a criminal offence. It is likely to jeopardise any future immigration applications you make. If your permission to be in the UK has already expired, your position is complicated. You should seek advice immediately from a Student Immigration Adviser before you think about making an application
  • If you are going on placement, you must make your visa extension application either before you start your placement or after you have completed your placement
  • We recommend that you apply at least 4 weeks before your visa is due to expire. Due to the complicated nature of the form and the documents you need you should seek advice at least 6-8 weeks before its expiry date. Given the time it takes for an application to be processed you may wish to submit an early application but always seek advice from a Student Immigration Adviser before you do this.
  • You should also check that your passport is not about to expire. 

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