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Microsoft Office 365

Use Microsoft Office 365 applications anytime, anywhere to support your studies

You don’t need to buy Microsoft Office 365 software to study at the University of Hertfordshire as you will get free access for the duration of your studies.

The software package includes web and desktop versions of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams as well as personal cloud storage (One Drive) and Outlook email.  This applies to all students (except those on non-credit-bearing short courses) while studying with us.   You can download the Office applications on up to 15 personal devices - find out how here.

Take a look at the Get started with Herts Digital Checklist to help you get to grips with the everyday digital tools you need at Herts.

Please see our Software availability page for information on other UH-provided software.

Getting started with Microsoft Office 365

Logging on

You can access Microsoft Office 365 at
Sign in using your  e.g.
When using Microsoft Office 365 for the first time:

  • Select OneDrive
  • Allow 24 hours for your account to become fully functional

Choose to work online or install on your devices  

Working online

  • When you sign in you can choose to start using the online versions of most Microsoft Office 365 applications straight away. 
  • Click on the tile with the application you want e.g. Word 
  • Microsoft Office 365 web applications work in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. 
  • Users of older versions of these browsers may not benefit from the full functionality of Office 365.

Installing Microsoft Office 365 applications on your devices

Registered Herts students can install copies of Microsoft Office 365 applications on up to 15 personal devices to enable offline working and access to enhanced application functionality.  You can install Microsoft Office applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs, on up to 5 tablets, and up to 5 phones.

See guides to installing Microsoft Office 365:
Installing Microsoft Office 365 on Windows
Installing Microsoft Office 365 on Mac
Installing Microsoft Office 365 on a mobile or tablet.

Please note that you are unable to download Microsoft 365 to Chromebook devices and in this instance should access the software via the web at

If you are having problems signing on to Microsoft Office 365 or installing the applications on your device, then you can contact the Helpdesk.

Using Microsoft Office 365

There are lots of different applications within Microsoft Office 365. Visit the Microsoft 365 Training Centre.

Need help?

See our FAQs below for help using Microsoft Office 365 applications and if you can't find answers to what you are looking for or have any technical issues you can contact the Helpdesk on 01707 284678 or email at

Microsoft  OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is your individual work storage space in Microsoft Office 365.  It's easy to access from anywhere on any device with just a web browser or an app (android, iOS, Windows, or Mac) and allows you to simply and easily:

  • securely store all your files and access them anytime, anywhere from any device.
  • work together with others by sharing and collaborating in real time on documents
  • sync files from across all your devices and access them both online and offline

 Take a look at our OneDrive FAQs below as well as Microsoft's Quick Start Guide and help videos to help you make the most of using OneDrive.

Check how much storage space you have remaining in your OneDrive

  1. Login to your Office 365 account
  2. Click on the OneDrive icon
  3. Click the cog  Office 365 Settings icon.
  4. Click on OneDrive Settings
  5. Click More Settings
  6. Click Storage Metrics

More information on  managing your OneDrive storage from Microsoft 

Microsoft Stream 

Stream on SharePoint is part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of software and provides a personalised video portal where you can find, create, share, play, and manage video just as you would any other file in Microsoft 365. ​​​​​​​ It's easy to access from anywhere on any device with just a web browser or an app (android, iOS, Windows, or Mac) and is fully integrated with other Microsoft apps such as Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. 

  • From the Office 365 home page, select the Stream tile.  If you don't see the Stream tile, you may need to select All Apps to find it.
  • If you still need to access Stream Classic to find and use older video content, click on the Stream tile in the Microsoft app launcher and select the Visit Stream Classic link. Select ‘My Content’ and videos.

From 15 October this year you will no longer be able to access or use Stream Classic and in preparation for this in June we will be moving all videos in Stream (Classic) into OneDrive and SharePoint so that they can be accessed going forward via the new Stream on SharePoint home page.  

If you have any questions about the switch to Stream on SharePoint or need help deleting content from Stream Classic please contact the Helpdesk.  

Microsoft Teams

To help you stay connected with your studies the University has licensed all students with Microsoft Teams chat and online meetings.

Service update: From 11 March 2024 we are rolling out the new version of Microsoft Teams to all staff and students.  In new Teams, you can switch between apps, respond to chat messages, and join meetings and calls twice as fast while using 50% less memory.  In the meantime, you may see a banner encouraging you to update to new Teams, but please continue to use Classic.  Once we make New Teams available you will automatically be switched over to the new version of Teams.

If you have any problems accessing New Teams or issues once in New Teams try to clear your  cache.

  • Start Menu > Settings cog > Apps > Apps & features > scroll down to find Microsoft Teams (work or school) > Advanced options > Repair or Reset (please try in that order).
  • If you have any problems accessing New Teams, please contact the LCS Helpdesk by telephone: +44 (0)1707 284678 or extension 4678 or via email:

Using Microsoft Teams

Get started with Microsoft Teams

Download and install the Microsoft Teams app

To make the most of everything Microsoft Teams has to offer, don't forget to download and install the Microsoft Teams app on your PC or mobile devices.  You’ll get a much better experience and more features than the web app including more viewing options when in lectures/tutorials and changing your background image etc. 

Download Teams to your PC or Mac

  • Go to
  • Microsoft Teams will automatically detect the system you are using (Mac or Windows).
  • Click download
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions provided to install Microsoft Teams.
  • After installation, open the Microsoft Teams application and log in using your university and password.

Download Teams to your mobile device

  • Download the Microsoft Teams app from the iOS app store or Google Play Store for Android.
  • After Installation, open the Microsoft Teams application and sign in using your university account eg.
  • Choose ‘work or school’ account type
  • Log in using your university and password.
  • Click Ok to allow Teams access to the microphone.

Use the web app

  • Go to, log on with your University and password, and select the Microsoft Teams icon. 
  • When you first access the web app, please say YES to video and audio settings (can be switched back off in meetings if required).

Please note that all desktop PCs in the LRCs have the Microsoft Teams desktop app installed but if joining meetings from there, you may need to use your headphones to avoid disturbing other students. 

Accessibility support for Microsoft Teams 
See Microsoft support pages for links to topics that can help you make Microsoft Teams more accessible and easier to use, as well as help articles about using a screen reader with Teams.

Chat using Microsoft Teams

Use Chat for speaking with other students and sharing ideas.  Please be polite and think about what you are saying when using chat.  Although Chats are private i.e. only viewed by people in the Chat, all Chats can be retrieved by UH group administrators if necessary,

Please respect the working hours of your lecturers and do not expect a reply if you start a chat outside of working hours. Questions can be asked during your scheduled tutorial sessions.

  • Start a chat in Teams - select New chat, add contact/s in the To field, type your message, and click Send.  To add more people to the conversation, click Add people in the top right corner of Teams.
  • Share files in Chat - select the paperclip icon, and browse for the document you want to share, either from OneDrive or Upload from my computer.  Never use Teams Chat to upload assignments; this is always done via your module on StudyNet.

Join or set up an online meeting

Join a Teams meeting organised by your lecturer as part of your course

In Canvas, meeting links are included in pages or on the module menu option Teams.  

  1. Select the meeting link
  2. Select Open your Team app (if you have previously downloaded the app) or select Continue on this browser
  3. Sign in with your Herts username and password when prompted. This information may be used to log attendance on your course, therefore you should not attend as Guest.

Join a meeting that isn’t part of your course (e.g. organised by other students)

  • select Calendar, choose a meeting to join, and select Join
  • To test your video and audio settings go to your profile picture, select Settings, Devices, and Make a test call    

Set up a Teams Meeting 

  • From Calendar, select New meeting in the top right corner and add title, location, attendees, etc and click Schedule.

Once you have signed in to Teams, you can use Teams Meetings guidance on Microsoft 365 help and learning to guide your use of meeting functions and schedule and host your own meetings.

Please note that you are unable to record meetings and calls using your UH student Teams account.  You are able to transcribe the meeting by selecting the 'Start Transcription' option from the Record and Transcribe feature on the meeting control bar.  Once started, a live text transcription of audio with speaker attribution will be available to all meeting participants and a downloadable copy of the transcript will be available post the meeting.

Screen shot of record and transcribe options in Teams

Get the most out of MS Teams

  • Upload your photo or an image to Teams.  Teams will use your initials until an image is added which can lead to confusion as many people have the same initials. Make yourself known to your lecturers and fellow students for a more personal experience. Change your profile picture
  •  Keep the focus on you—not what’s behind you! Create the perfect virtual setting by choosing, uploading, or blurring your background. Follow the Microsoft instructions   
  •  Turn down the noise.  Fine-tune your notifications so that you can focus on the activity that's most important to you.   Select your profile picture at the top right-hand corner of Teams and select Settings and Notifications. From there you can fine-tune what notifications you receive and where those notifications show up. 

Take a look at our more detailed MS Teams for Students guide 

Click the Help button at the bottom left of the screen to find Topics, Training, and What’s new, or take a look at the Microsoft Teams training videos.



Do I have to use Microsoft Office 365?

  • Everyone who joins the University - that's staff and students - will have a Microsoft Office 365 account.  
  • This service is an important addition to our existing services to students, and we are likely to use the tools more and more going forward.
  • We believe it will help to improve communication and collaboration, so we would strongly encourage everyone to use Office 365 tools.

What happens to my Microsoft Office 365 account when I leave the University?

  • Your account will be deleted when you leave the University. 
  • You can view your leaving date in your Student Record details.
  • Please make sure you have moved any files you wish to keep from your OneDrive before this time as they won’t be recoverable afterward.
  • If you are a member of staff moving jobs within the University then your Office 365 account will remain with you.

I already have a personal Microsoft 365 account. Can I use this as well as my University one?

  • Your personal account will remain separate from your University Microsoft Office 365 account. 
  • It is worth bearing in mind that your personal account won’t offer the same level of integration with other people using UH Microsoft Office 365 accounts, and sometimes it can be a little confusing for people who switch between two accounts

Can I download Microsoft 365 to my Chromebook device?

Please note that you are unable to download Microsoft 365 to Chromebook devices and in this instance should access the software via the web at

If you are having problems signing on to Office 365 or installing the applications on your device, then you can contact the Helpdesk.

Microsoft OneDrive

Are my files secure on OneDrive?

  • Yes, Office365 OneDrive complies with the University’s information and data security policies
  • It is the University’s recommended online storage tool for your individual work allowing you to store your work files safely and, if necessary, share documents securely. 

Can I access my files offline?

  • OneDrive applications or integrations are available for most operating systems including Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. 
  • These have options to download copies of your files for offline use. 

What do the OneDrive icons mean?

  • The folder and any items inside have little icons to the left of them indicating their OneDrive status.
  • The main ones are a green tick to indicate that it is synced to the cloud and blue arrows if the sync is still in progress.

For more information on the OneDrive icons please see the following Microsoft help page: What do the OneDrive icons mean?  

How much storage is available on my OneDrive?

  • OneDrive provides 1TB of online storage where you can create and edit files.

Is there a maximum single file size?

  • The maximum size for a single file stored on OneDrive is 15GB     

How long does it take to synchronise a file to OneDrive? 

  • Typically documents will sync in seconds to OneDrive although larger files may take longer depending on your local network speed.   
  • Remember that if you are moving a large number of files to OneDrive, it may take some time to sync and your device must remain online during this time. 
  • Check the icons next to the files to see their current state. 

Is it secure to have my files on my mobile phone via the One Drive Mobile App

  • Yes, however, you must ensure you have either facial, fingerprint ID, or a 6+ digit code to ensure the security of your mobile device before connecting to University accounts using it.

Will the mobile app download all my files to my mobile?

  • No, the One Drive app only downloads and opens files on demand, these are then removed from your device after use. 
  • There is an option to make files available offline which will keep a copy on your mobile device.