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Requesting references and transcripts

References that you can obtain from the University and how to request them

Award certificates and module transcripts

Award certificates and full transcripts are normally issued upon successful completion of your course, however if you have any queries regarding your certificates or transcripts, you need to order replacements, or you require confirmation of the modules you are currently studying, please contact the Ask Herts team.

Confirmation of study: current students

If require evidence that you are a current student at the University you will need to request a Student Status Letter.

These letter states the name of the course you are studying and the dates you are registered as a student with us for, and can be used to:

  • Apply for a National Insurance Number
  • Prove to third parties that you are a student
  • Apply for a travel visa
  • Prove your status how to an Immigration Officer when you re-enter the UK after travel abroad
  • Enable your relatives or friends to visit you in the UK

Award verification

Often employers require verification of your previous study as part of their recruitment process. If you have a confirmed award from us, you can contact the Exams and Awards Office who will be able to issue you with a letter stating the name of the award you have achieved, the start date and graduation date.

For more information on how to request an Award Verification letter, please see our website.

Please note, an Award Verification letter is not a reference. It verifies your award only.

Accommodation/landlord references

If you have been living in our Student Halls and require a tenancy reference, contact the Student Support and Welfare team.

Personal/academic/character references

For more personal references about your character or academic performance it is best to contact one of your tutors. Before asking for a personal reference we suggest that you:

  • Think carefully about what you need the reference for and who would be the best person to ask, ideally it would be someone who knows you well and can comment on the specific areas you want to convey.
  • Let your referee know in advance before you pass their details onto a third party to ensure they are prepared to talk about you. This is a good opportunity for you to let them know anything you think would be important for them to include in a reference.
  • Include as much information as you can in your request so the referee has a good basis for their reference.

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