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Student Finance for Study Abroad

You will apply for your Student Finance in the same way as usual via your online Student Finance England account

If you study a year abroad as part of your course, you will still be entitled to the normal funding package by way of Tuition Fee Loan, Maintenance Loan and Maintenance/Special Support Grant, and any Dependants' Allowances or Disabled Students' Allowances, if applicable.

Students on a work placement year outside of the UK need to click here 

Payment of your Maintenance Loan

Once the application is correctly submitted, students on a Study Abroad year will receive their first instalment 25 working days before the start of the UH term. Your 2nd and 3rd instalments are paid in line with UH term dates for terms 2 and 3

If your studies abroad begin more than 25 working days before the start of the UH term, you will be eligible to receive an earlier payment

Can I get my maintenance loan paid in 2 instalments?
If you are studying abroad in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you can request your full entitlement in two instalments of 50%. The first payment arriving 25 days before the start of the UH term, and the second payment arriving at the start of UH term two. This will be arranged on your behalf, subject to meeting the criteria

Can I get my maintenance loan paid in one lump sum?
Students studying abroad in China  or Japan  are usually required to show that they have the funds to support themselves financially for the year before entering the country. For students studying in these countries for the full academic year, it is possible to receive the full entitlement in one payment on the first instalment date. This will be arranged on your behalf, subject to meeting the criteria

Things to consider when applying for Student Finance for your Study Abroad year:

  • Make sure that you are applying for the right course; this should be the 4 or 5 year version of your course which includes the sandwich year (often listed as “with placement year” in the course title)
  • You must ensure that you keep your University details listed as “University of Hertfordshire”
  • You will need to state where you will spend the majority of the academic year - here you can list your overseas location
  • We will confirm the details of your Study Abroad year with Student Finance England (SFE) to ensure that your funding application is correct and your payments are scheduled appropriately

Important things to remember

  • Any changes to your study can have a significant impact on your SFE funding. We strongly advise that you contact us before making any changes to your Study Abroad programme. We can then advise you of the effect this will have on your funding so that you can make an informed decision, aware of all of the facts.
  • If any of your study details change you must contact us immediately.  Examples of changes which we need to be notified of include (but are not limited to):

 - Changing the location of your study abroad (including overseas institution and/or country)
 - Changes in the length of your time abroad (i.e. you decide to come home early/remain abroad for another term)
 - Deciding to include a work placement abroad
 - Suspending or withdrawing from your studies

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they can live on the funding available to them before leaving the UK

Studying abroad for the full academic year? You may be able to apply for a Travel Grant 

If you are unable to regularly call SFE from your Study Abroad location, we can contact them on your behalf. To do this, please ensure that you have set up Consent to Share on your account

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