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Updating your ID Card

How to update your University ID Card

ID Cards at the University are used to identify students, provide access to rooms and to enable students to check-in around Campus.

Students may be asked to update their ID Cards whilst they are studying at the University. Please follow the below steps to update your ID Card;

  • Hold your card against the reader for 30 seconds.
  • The light will flash blue whilst updating and then turn either red or green depending on whether you have access to that space.
  • Updating your card at a card update point will not affect your existing access levels. If you require additional access please contact access control at

Find your nearest ID card update point. 

Please note, this will not update your access. If you require additional access, please see the door access request page.

ID Card Update points have to have the green sign identifying them. If there is no sign on the card reader, this is not an update point.


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Please be aware that we are unable to print ID cards in this Office. Please visit Ask De Havilland or Ask Hutton during the opening hours.

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