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Updating your ID Card

How to update your University ID Card

ID Cards at the University are used to identify students, provide access to rooms, and enable students to check in around Campus.

Students may be asked to update their ID Cards whilst they are studying at the University. Please follow the below steps to update your ID Card;

  • Hold your card against the reader for 30 seconds.
  • The light will flash blue whilst updating and then turn either red or green depending on whether you have access to that space.
  • Updating your card at a card update point will not affect your existing access levels. If you require additional access please contact access control at

Find your nearest ID card update point. 

Please note, this will not update your access. If you require additional access, please see the door access request page.

All students, staff, and other Herts ID card holders should update their ID Card regularly, on an ID card update point, (we recommend at least every 2 weeks).  If your ID card is not updated for 6 months, then it will be removed from the Access Control system due to inactivity and you will need to collect a new ID Card from one of the Ask Herts Hubs

If you are both a member of staff and a student and holding two ID cards, please make sure you update both on a regular basis. 

ID card update point

ID Card Update points have a green sign identifying them. If there is no sign on the card reader, this is not an update point.

Please be prepared: 

The University upgraded the Herts ID card system in July 2023 to ensure ID cards are up to date and that staff and students can continue to use their card to enter access-controlled areas across campus.  

If you have not been back on campus since Tuesday 18 July 2023 you'll need to update your Herts ID card by holding it on an update point for up to 30 seconds. You’ll need to do this before being able to enter access-controlled areas such as staff offices, labs, workshops, and studios. 

  • Hold your card on the update point and wait for the light to change from blue to red or green.
  • A red light simply means you don’t have access to the area the update point relates to, it does not mean the update has failed.
  • Please plan ahead and allow enough time to find your nearest update point so you’re not delayed in starting a scheduled activity.


Where can I find an ID card update point?

  • Find your nearest one on the ID update point list. You may find it helpful to use the Map feature on HertsMobile if you are unsure of where the locations are.
  • If you are visiting one of the LRCs, the gates are also update points and we recommend entering using your physical ID card rather than your digital one on this occasion.

How will I know my card has updated?

  • There will be a blue light that will change to red or green. Red and green both mean your card has successfully updated, but red means you don’t have permission to access the area the reader is for.
  • There are no lights on the LRC gates, but the gates will open once your card is updated.

My card is not updating.

  • Are you holding it down for long enough? This may take up to 30 seconds.
  • Have you removed it from your wallet/purse/holder?

If your card is still not working or updating correctly, please contact your nearest Ask Herts Hub for further support.

 Does it matter which update point I use?

  • No – you can use any update point.

What happens if I forget to update my card?

  • You won’t be able to enter access-controlled areas until you update your card.

When do I need to do it?

  • Try and do it the next time you are on campus from 18 July onwards.

Will my card still work for other services?

  • The only function impacted is access control.
  • Book borrowing, using the printers, and using the attendance readers are unaffected by the change.

Do I need to do anything to update my digital ID card?

  • No, this will still be available on the HertsMobile app as normal.

I’ve updated my card, but it’s not letting me into the room I need.

  • Please contact Access Control who will be able to check your access permissions.
  • Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Ask Herts Hub for further ID card support.

Will I need to update my card before using Hertfordshire Sports Village facilities, including the Oval gym?

  • No, access to these facilities will not be impacted.
  • If you have any queries about HSV access, please contact them directly on 01707 284466 or email

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