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Welcome to the UK: information for international students

Studying and living in a foreign country should be an exciting time. Here are the first things that you will want to do when you arrive.

1. Collect your visa

If you have been issued a 90-day travel vignette and are required to collect your visa (Biometric Residence Permit) from the University or a local post office, you should do this within 10 days* of arriving in the UK. 

*Please note if you requested your BRP to be delivered to the University you will receive an email when it is ready for collection. This may be longer than 10 days after your arrival to the UK as it takes time to process the BRP before we can make it available for collection. You will not be able to collect your BRP from the University until after you have received an email and booked a registration appointment. 

*Please note that the only location at the University you can collect your BRP is at your Registration Appointment.

Biometric Residence Permit

2. Register on your programme

You will have been provided with information on how to register for your programme. That information can be found on your joining instructions portal.

3. Open a bank account

One of the first things that you will want to do is open a bank account so you have a safe place to store your money and can receive funds from your friends and family abroad.

Open a bank account

4. Register with a doctor

It is important that you register with a doctor in case you have any health problems while you are in the UK. 

Register with a doctor

5. Download the Herts mobile app

You can find your way around campus by downloading the Herts mobile app, which has campus maps. You can search your classrooms so you know how to get there. 

Download app

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