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Self Help Resources

If you are feeling/experiencing Anxiety  and would like to get some support, below are some self-help resources and links to UH support services to help you.
Please also see our Student Wellbeing Services page for further support and advice.

We recommend

Other sources of support

Rethinking anxiety -Tedtalks

The 15 Best TED Talks On Anxiety, Stress, and Fear. In particular try:

Skills to face your fears given by psychologist Dawn Huebar

"Every time you listen to your worry, you’re feeding it. Every time you feed your worry you’re making it stronger. But, when you don’t obey your worry, when you talk back to it, challenge it, corrected it, that’s a win for you.”

Centre for Clinical Interventions

A Western Australian Government programme providing self help resources including information leaflets and worksheet on a number of topics, with a section focused on anxiety.

Don't Panic (App)

Free app that has podcasts on that you can listen too when distressed, they cover a
range of emotions including:

  • anger, panic attacks, negative thinking, social anxiety, stress & worry
Getselfhelp Information, tools and relaxation techniques to help you overcome anxiety
HelpGuide  A series of American guides on a variety of common mental and emotional health issues (including anxiety)
No Panic Information and helpline for those with anxiety disorders
The Mix

A really useful site for all student related issues.


Free 24/7 Helpline via Health Assured:

All students have access to a free 24/7 helpline. If you need immediate wellbeing/emotional support,  financial, legal, non-urgent medical advice or grief support call: 0800 028 3766.


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