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Change your personal details

It is important to keep your personal details including your name, contact information and addresses up to date

Email address, phone number, address (term and home time)

We will often contact you via email or phone - we will use the contact details stored on your Student Record.

You should update your address any time you move.  Along with postal correspondence, we will also use your address when you apply for council tax exemption.

Update personal details on your Student Record

  1. Login to your Student Record
  2. Click on your underlined name next to your photo
  3. Check your addresses
  4. Click the edit button below the contact information you would like to change
  5. When you are happy with your updates, click update


If your name changes, e.g. you get married or change your name via deed poll, you will need to show us documents confirming your new details.

Acceptable documents would include:

  • Passport
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership certificate
  • Deed Poll

You can email a copy of these documents (a photo taken on your phone is acceptable) to or bring them to the Ask Herts Hub on the College Lane Campus (Hutton Hub) during their service hours and we will update your record.

Your name will appear on your ID card and award certificate amongst other places - it is important that it is correct.

If you wish to change how your name is displayed on Studynet and Canvas, you will need to provide the above official documents as it can only display your legal name. 

If you change your name after your programme board has sat, it will not be taken into account on your award certificate.

Transgender and non-binary students

If you want to change your details from those you previously registered with, please contact the Student Records and Enrolment team who will be able to guide you through the process. Student Records and Enrolment's contact details are available at the bottom of this page.

International students

If your details change there may be other organisations that need to be informed, e.g. the UKVI or the police.

More information on updating your details for international students

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