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Disability - Training and Awareness

Student Wellbeing will be delivering bookable workshops open to staff and students.

Update 01/06/2024:
Our disability awareness sessions have finished for the 2023/24 academic year. However, we will soon be planning a new schedule of sessions for the 2024/25 academic year and once this has been finalised this page will be updated with information on how to book. 

Our online sessions will each last for one hour and will be repeated in both Semester A and Semester B (2023-2024) to offer maximum opportunity for attendance.

Available training sessions:

What is ADHD and how can it affect studies?
This online webinar covers what ADHD is and how students who have ADHD can be supported at university. The session could be useful for anyone who has ADHD, anyone who is teaching at the University and also anyone considering whether they may have ADHD and how they can move forward with a diagnosis.

What is Neurodiversity?
This online session will provide an overview of what Neurodiversity is, what support is available at University and how students and tutors can access advice and guidance. The session will be valuable for anyone who would like to understand more about Neurodiversity.

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