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Healthy Mind

Mental health can be good, bad or indifferent and it affects us all. You don’t have to be mentally ill to experience mental health.

Mental health affects all those around us.

We cannot ignore mental health. We all have it and we all need to look after it.

  • If you are struggling with your mental health you are not alone.

Please see our Self Help Resources  for more information on information on specific topics (i.e., stress, depression, relationships, sleep etc.)

Youmay not want or need to speak with a counsellor or mental health advisor directly but everyone can use some help, support or advice now and again.


Faith communities 

  • Being away from home for many students also means being away from their home faith community. While you are at university you might want to find a nearby worshipping community to provide support, encouragement, and friendship.
    • Well, the good news is that Hertfordshire is well supplied in this respect - from a magnificent cathedral (St Albans Abbey) to a Buddhist monastery, a Hindu Temple to several mosques, synagogues and churches. 
  • Joining a local worshipping community can offer you support from a network of people outside your studies. It offers you a place to explore and deepen your faith. 
  • The University Chaplaincy has alist of local places of worship, which might be a good place to start looking if you would like to find a new spiritual home while at university.
    • The Chaplaincy: how can we help?
    • They also have information on student faith societies and host services, meditation meetings and other opportunities to explore your faith. If you would like advice about this, please talk to any member of the Chaplaincy team. 



There are loads of useful stuff online and resources here at UH. So why not try a few things yourself?  

Our Student Wellbeing Services  offer students a range of professional, specialist services to support you with emotional, mental health, disability and health related issues. This includes Counselling, Disability and Mental Health support.  

The Herts SU Advice & Support Centre can offer students with confidential and impartial advice about any concerns relating to their academic and non-academic experience.


These are helpful external resources:


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Having suicidal thoughts? 

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