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International Student Visa student attendance

Important information for students on a Student Visa to confirm their attendance at the University

Students on a Student Visa are required to engage in mandatory attendance checks to ensure that the University remains compliant with Home Office regulations.

As a student on a student visa, you must: 

1) Engage with your studies

You are expected to attend all timetabled sessions and be fully engaging with your studies.    

All attendance and engagement are monitored.  Failure to engage with your studies will result in the withdrawal of Student Visa sponsorship.    This will mean your visa will be cancelled and you will need to leave the UK.

Fully online learning is not permitted for any student on a Student Visa.

Unless you are on an approved StudyAbroad placement, all studies must take place on the business premises. 

During term time you are required to use the check-in readers to register your attendance whenever you enter a classroom for more than 15 minutes.       You must use your physical ID card.

You are also required to check in weekly during term time even if you do not have any timetabled classes.  This includes:

  • while you are working on your project/dissertation
  • during the referred/deferred period where you have exams to sit/work to submit.

Any misuse of your ID card will be referred to the Dean of Students.  This includes giving your ID card to someone else or checking in and then leaving the class.

If you experience difficulties logging into the virtual learning environment (eg, Canvas), you need to contact your School (email Ask Herts in the first instance).   If you have lost or damaged your ID card, you must obtain a replacement as soon as possible.

Please also see

HIC Integrated students Please follow the above attendance procedure
HIC Non-Integrated students Please follow HIC's attendance monitoring procedure.
Research students For further details about your attendance procedure please click here


2) Attend a Visa Check/File Check

There is a mandatory Visa Check/File Check held each year.     This may be in person or online.  If you are contacted you must attend the Visa Check or provide the documents requested as part of the File Check.   Failure to do this could result in your withdrawal.

All students with immigration permission, including HIC & Research, could be asked to participate.   Details will be sent to you via email.  


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