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Essential tips for Student visa holders

Tips to protect your Student visa. It is your responsibility to ensure the following:

1. Check your BRP card.
- Check that there are no errors on your BRP card, such as your name.
- Make sure you have been enough time to complete your studies. Your visa end date should include 4 months after your CAS end date.
- Any errors must be reported and amended. 

2. Attend and engage with your studies.
- Study must be full time, in person and in the UK. Fully on-line study is not permitted.
- You must request absence if you will be out of studies during term time.
- Failure to attend and engage will result in your withdrawal (and visa curtailment).
- If you wish to switch (transfer) programmes, then you may need to leave the UK and apply for a new visa first. 

3. Stick to your working conditions.
- Make sure you know your working conditions. At degree level and above you can work 20hrs per week during term time and full-time during University vacations periods; and whilst on an University approved work placement.

4. Pay your fees on time.
- Failure to pay by the deadline dates will result in your withdrawal and cancellation of your visa. Click here for further information. 

5. Keep your details up to date.
- Email if you get a new passport or visa.
- Update your contact details if your name or address changes.

6. Make sure you are eligible for the Graduate Route 
- You must have valid student leave at the point of application and you can only apply from the UK.
- Your award must be locked and the University must confirm your successful award to the Home Office before you can apply. See more information here 

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