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Looking after yourself, building friendships and support within our UH Community

Learn more about our Residence Life and Safeguarding team, investigative meetings (on campus), and support available to students.

We have a host of valuable information available about staying safe, having fun and building relationships. We also want to hear from you, so if you are feeling lonely or isolated and want to reach out, contact us, but if you have any ideas about how you can work with us to build relationships – like you know a great resource, website, group or society – let us know by emailing


This page will cover:


The Residence Life and Safeguarding team:

Our dedicated team of Residence Life Officers are responsible for the welfare, pastoral care and discipline of all students living  on both campuses. They work daily in halls offering support and advice for our residential students. Meetings will be either face-to-face or virtual to provide a safe confidential space for you to talk. 

Our Resident Assistants are also part of the Residence Life and Safeguarding team. Our Resident Assistants (also known as RAs) ) are on hand to help you when you need it. They receive extensive training so they are able to assist in any situation. Like you, they live in the halls of residence; so they are never far away and always ready to help.

  • There is an out of hours service provided by our RAs.
  • If you need to speak to an RA call security on 01707281010 and you will be asked to provide your contact number in order for them to call you.

Please also see our Ask Herts page for more information about support whilst living on campus here.


Code of conduct, accomodation contents insurance, & how to report an issue/crime when living on campus:

If you are a victim or witness a crime: please report this to Security and Residence Life and Safeguarding team immediately.  You will be encouraged to report this to the police and we are here to support and guide you during your stay in the accommodation.


What if I have been asked to attend an investigatory meeting?

If you have been asked to attend an investigatory meeting, you will be contacted with an appointment to attend a meeting with one of your Residence Life Officers. This will usually take place in the Residence Life and Safeguarding team Office and will last approximately 30 minutes. Please note, it is important that you attend this meeting.

  • If you have a lecture or exam and cannot attend your meeting, you must contact the Residence Life Officers who has written to you, in advance to explain this. It is usually possible for appointments to be re-arranged.
  • Speak to a member of the Residence Life and Safeguarding team.


Support available for students:

Community Liaison & Support Officer offers advice or guidance whilst living off-campus.

International Student Support Officer works in partnership with different teams and departments to help build a sense of community at the University. They are responsible for organising a variety of different events and activities for students throughout the year, including virtual events.

Student Wellbeing to support you with any emotional, mental health, disability and health related issues which you may experience throughout your time at university.

Chaplaincy offer quiet spaces and places to pray, meditate or reflect.

Active Students so much more than traditional sport. It’s a great way for you to meet new people and experience something for the first time. Activities are free!

Your Student Union to support you with numerous activities, societies to meet new friends They also have an Advice and Support Centre

Student Space: A valuable resource funded by the UK Government and hosted by Student Minds.

Contact Us

Residence Life Team

Office of the Dean of Students

Today 08:30 - 17:00
Outside of office hours, in an emergency please contact Security (01707 281010 internal 1010)
B440 , College Lane
Today 08.30 - 17.00
Residential Services Office , De Havilland Campus

The Office of the Dean of Students

Student Wellbeing

Today 09:00 - 17:00
Office of the Dean of Students, College Lane

Student Wellbeing

Today 8.30 - 17:00
Student Wellbeing is closed at weekends and during holiday periods.
Hutton Hub, College Lane