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My Learning dashboard

Helping you learn and reflect

To support the University’s Personal Tutoring framework, all students are now able to view a personal ‘dashboard’, which presents a range of metrics personal tutors and Programme Leaders have access to, to help them support your academic progress and engagement.

My Learning dashboard’ was launched as a beta version in 2021/22 and is continuing to be developed with feedback from staff and students.

How can I access My Learning dashboard?

You can access the dashboard through the ‘My Account’ link on your StudyNet homepage.

Screen shot of the My Learning Dashboard tool and charts

What does the data mean and where does it come from?

The data on the dashboard is drawn from a variety of activity and is represented as:

  • Submission Scores - your grades in assessment submitted through Canvas
  • Canvas Engagement score - Canvas generates this score based on your interaction with your Canvas modules, relative to other students studying them.  The score looks at various activities such as the resources you access, posting on discussions, submitting assignments and attempting quizzes. It does not cover activity with online sessions accessed outside of the Canvas app, such as a Zoom or Teams session. 
  • Talis Reading list interactions – engaging with your module reading list
  • Your on-campus classroom attendance - your physical swipe-ins on campus listed in chronological order. 

* Please note: There are hundreds of check-in readers around the University. Occasionally, one may not register your check-in due to technical issues. When on campus, it's always best to check-in regularly as you move around the campus. 

Initially, the data on the dashboard will not include exam data. But we are providing live assessment data to help you reflect on your learning as you progress throughout the year. Exam data is good for showing you what you achieved. This data will help you think about your engagement as you progress and to use it as an active part of your reflection on how you are learning.

Please be aware that there will not be the full range of data recorded on the dashboard for all students.  The availability of data will vary between different programmes and how they have been structured.  You may find some modules assessments might not be weighted to reflect their overall contribution to the final module and the overall grade may not reflect your end of year grade. But the number gives you an idea of how well you have been doing in assessments overall.

Who has access to this data?

Only programme leaders and staff with personal tutoring responsibility can view your dashboard data.  Your personal tutor will use it to help support your academic progress and wellbeing.

We know that data is only one indication of how you are doing. Please don’t worry if you are struggling, you are not alone. There are lots of people here to help you make the most of your time at University. So please speak to someone for additional support at an early stage.

Where can I get additional support?

We have range of support available to support you including:

 Why is my dashboard incorrect or empty?

  • Your dashboard data will build up over time as you progress through modules and activities.
  • Available dashboard data will vary between different cohorts of students.
  • The grade might not reflect your end of year grade. Assignments contribution to your final module grade might be weighted. Use the overall grade as a guide.
  • If you think there is something wrong with your dashboard data please contact your personal tutor.
  • For technical issues please contact the Helpdesk.


What is the dashboard data used for?

Your personal tutor will use the data to:

  • Provide personalised support for you
  • Provide early intervention if your engagement data raises concerns about your wellbeing or progress.
  • Provide feedback on your learning, progress and engagement
  • Identify programme level support based on the understanding of cohort behaviours and outcomes
  • Aid understanding of the learning environment and enhance the development of the online learning environment

The University will not use ‘My Learning’ data for performance predictions and the University recognises that data alone cannot provide a complete picture of student progress and overall engagement.

Does the dashboard include all data about me?

The University will not typically use the following data within the dashboard:

  • Data on student appeals, misconduct or complaints
  • Data associated with special adverse circumstances
  • Data created on external sites not owned by the University e.g. social networking sites
  • Records of individual contact with or the use of Student Services
  • Students’ Financial Data

Do all students have access to the dashboard?

All registered University of Hertfordshire students will be able to access the dashboard via the StudyNet homepage, although depending on your level and mode of study the dashboard may have much less information. 

What is the difference between a summative and formative assessment?

Formative assessments are formal and informal activities to help you identify areas of misunderstanding and target areas for development.
They may be quizzes, short tests or learning activities and will enable you to determine how well you are learning within the module.
Formative assessments don't contribute to overall module marks. (In some exceptional cases formative activities or 'low stake assessments' may contribute a very small amount to a module mark (less than 10%) as they are designed to guide learning rather than test learning).
Summative assessments are tasks that evaluate your learning at the endpoint of a topic or module unit.
They may be tests, essays, reports, case studies etc.
Summative assessments do contribute to overall module marks.

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